Sympathy of each sign to attract luck and money

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We separate the perfect sympathy for each sign to attract more luck and money into your pocket. Paper and pen in hand and let’s go!

Empathy: check which one is perfect for your signs and attracts luck and money


Take a coin of any value and put it on a white plate. Light the incense of myrrh, and while it burns, pray Psalm 55, and ask your Guardian Angel to guide you on your way. Blow incense ashes in the wind and put the coin in your purse – use it normally. Wash the plate and use it as usual.


Take a coin of any value and put it on the plate. Cover the coin with rice and corn. Light the jasmine incense and pass the saucer through the smoke. Then say your sign verb “I have!” , pray Psalm 24 and wish your angel Aniel. Let the incense burn to the end and blow the ashes into the wind. Throw rice and corn in the trash and put the coin in your wallet, but don’t spend it – keep it as an amulet. Wash the dish and use it normally.


He lit two blue candles on a saucer, and presented them to Sao Cosme and Sao Damiao. Then pray to our Father and ask for help from the saints so that you do not lack work or money. Once the candles burn out, throw the leftovers in the trash, wash the dish and then go back to using it as usual.


When you wake up, heat a liter of water, two tablespoons of raw rice, five rose petals, and a handful of lemon balm in a skillet. Wait for the mixture to cool, then pour it over your body, from the neck down, after your regular shower. Put on the white outfit and dispose of the remaining ingredients in the trash. Wash the pan and use it as usual. The clothes can be used normally afterwards.


Leave a basin of water in the backyard or laundry area of ​​your house, and next to it, light three yellow candles on a plate. While they are burning, ask St. Jerome, your mighty saint, to help you fulfill your request and say Three Our Fathers and Three Blessings of Peace, interspersed each prayer with the words: “The glow of the moon and the radiance of the waters of infinite greatness, is my confidence in your nobility. Hear my wishes.” After the candles burn out, throw the leftovers into the trash. Wash the plate and bowl and return to use as usual.


Place a coin of any value inside a white board. On top, pour a little honey. Next to the coin, light a blue candle and leave the plate somewhere high, such as on top of the refrigerator. Pray from Our Father to Saint Rocky, the patron saint of your horoscope, and ask him for help. After the candle burns out, throw the leftovers into the trash. After washing the plate and coin, use it normally.


Light a green candle on a saucer and write on white paper the following words: “My guardian angel, help me keep my business and my money never run out.” Then say our father and blow out the candle. Repeat this ritual for another six days, at the same time and using the same paper. On the last day, let the candle burn to the end, and then throw the remains in the trash. Wash the dish and use it normally. Store paper at your workplace.


At 6 p.m., give a coin to someone close to you, saying, “I wish that this money brings you so much into your home and that your abundance is reflected in my life.” The act of wishing well for others will bring good fruits to your life.


Place a white tablecloth on the table where you and your family usually eat. Above the towel, place a metal vase with seven coins of any value. Cover the coins with fruits and flowers. Before going to bed, offer the fruits and flowers to the gypsies, saying: “As gypsies are united, prosperous, and happy, and never lacking in food or money, there will be none of these in my house.” The next day, throw the flowers in the trash. Keep the coins in your wallet and try not to spend them. The fruit must be eaten. Use the vase normally after the ritual


We take a deep plate and put on it some raw rice, a slice of bread and a coin of any value. Leave it covered with a lid in a high place inside your house until you have the money. Then throw the rice and the slice of bread in the trash and wash the plate and lid that can be used normally. Give the coin to a humble person


Light a blue candle on the plate at your preferred time. When you burn, ask your patron saint, São Paulo, for help. Then pray our Father and say: “I hope my family and I do not lack work or money. I promise to seize every opportunity with great will.” When the candle burns out, throw the leftovers in the trash. Wash the plate and use it as usual.


Hold a medal or a picture of the lady with both hands. Then say our Father and Mary peace as you look at her. Then put it on a table covered with white tablecloths, and next to it, light a green candle on a plate. Ask the saint not to lack money. When the candle burns out, throw the leftovers in the trash. Wash the plate and towel and use them normally. Wear the medal on a chain or leave the picture in your room.

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