Pope regrets pets replace children, advocates for adoption

Pope Francis praised fatherhood and adoption at his first meeting this year and lamented that sometimes pets take the place of children. “Today, with orphanhood there is a kind of selfishness. The other day, I was talking about today’s demographic winter. You see that people don’t want to have children or have one and that’s it. A lot of couples don’t have kids because they don’t want or have one on their own and that’s Enough, but they have two dogs, two cats to replace their children. Yes, that’s funny, I understand, but it’s true. The denial of parenting diminishes us, robs us of our humanity,” the pope said at his first public audience this year, in the Paul VI Hall.

Francis made these comments precisely in the course of his analysis of the role of Saint Joseph, who assumed the official capacity as the father of Jesus. “We live in a time of infamous orphans,” he said. As he noted in the sequence, “It is not enough to bring a child into the world to say that we are also parents.” Referring to apostolicity, he said, “You were not born a father, you became a father. And you don’t become a father just because you put a child into the world, but because you take care of him with responsibility. Respect,” referring to apostolicity. Patrice Cord’s letter, in which he announced the year of Saint Joseph in 2021.


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