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The dog Pandora has been missing since December 15, 2021 (Photo: @reinaldojuniorpandora/Instagram/Reproduction)

On December 15, 2021, the waiter Rinaldo Jr39 years old, was traveling with his dog Pandora To the city of Navegantes (SC), when the nightmare began. During a GOL flight at Guarulhos Airport (SP), the animal escaped from the transport case and disappeared.

Since then, the teacher – who has boarded in Recife (PE) – has been distributing brochures throughout the city’s neighborhoods and asking for help through social networks in search of his “daughter,” as he called her.

To board Pandora, Rinaldo paid a R$850 ticket, in addition to the R$650 required for the transfer case. Despite claiming this wasn’t his dog’s profile, Rinaldo was told she had eaten the crate and then ran away.

In a note, Gul announced: “On Wednesday morning (12/15), the dog Pandora, a pet of a Recife (REC) client, who in Guarulhos (GRU) will make contact with Navegantes (NVT) escaped from transport during the communication process at GRU. Through security cameras, it was possible to determine that she escaped through the yard, invaded the airport cargo terminal, and continued in the direction of the Hélio Smidt Highway, but was not seen again later.

The company is very sorry about the accident and is doing everything they can to find Pandora and return it to its owner. For this purpose, I hired “Busca Pet”, a specialized company that has sniffer dogs. The work was done all through Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but due to the rain, the sensory cues that the company dogs could use were lost. The company continues to support searches this weekend.

In recent days, GOL has also hired the company “Alert Pet”, which provides services to advertise cases of stray dogs, posting posters along the area where Pandora could have escaped, as well as on social networks, on pet search pages and For ads made by geolocation of Guarulhos and region.

The client received the full support of the GOL teams at Guarulhos and became aware of the company’s efforts to find his pet. Since Wednesday he has been staying in a hotel and has been waiting for information on a search that will not stop until Pandora is found.”

Bartender Reinaldo Jr. and dog Pandora (Photo: @reinaldojuniorpandora/Instagram/Reproductive)

Bartender Reinaldo Jr. and dog Pandora (Photo: @reinaldojuniorpandora/Instagram/Reproductive)

However, the airline closed the payment for the hotel where Rinaldo was staying on Monday, January 3.

Since the start of the search, the waiter has asked Gol and the GRU airport for security camera footage to check if the animal has been found. On the third day, the teacher obtained police footage showing Pandora missing at Guarulhos Airport.

These are the same images that Gol is referring to in the posted note. In them, the airport staff notice the dog running through the cargo terminal, but they do nothing to save it. At 9:59 a.m., the camera records Pandora walking through the grass near one of the guard rooms. It’s our last record of the animal.

Rinaldo continues to publish posts in search of Pandora and says that he ignores the presentation at work in a restaurant in Switzerland, with a salary of nearly R$5,000, the next 25th, if she is not found by date.

Rinaldo says he wouldn't leave Sao Paulo without him

Reinaldo says he won’t leave Sao Paulo without his “daughter,” as Pandora calls her (Photo: @reinaldojuniorpandora/Instagram/Reproduction)

Since January 4, 2022, the waiter has received the assistance of attorney Antalia Reis to defend the case. In an Instagram post, Rinaldo wrote:

“Activist lawyer Antalia Reese has been defending Bandura and my family since yesterday and is taking all legal, civil and criminal measures against Gul and those responsible for Bandura’s disappearance.”

In the video, Rinaldo says that due to the transfer of hotel payments by Gol, he will sleep with his mother at the window of the airline, at Guarulhos Airport. It also shows the supposed transport box that Pandora used during the flight, intact.

Today, January 6, 2022, Rinaldo shared in his networks that his lawyers obtained an injunction forcing Gul not only to pay for his accommodation and food, but also to make efforts to search for the dog.

Location and other issues

Rinaldo also organized a petition to demand more dignified transportation conditions for the animals. After all, this is not the first time that controversies have arisen on this topic.

In September 2021, a Golden Retriever puppy named Zion died after a flight from Latam between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

According to its owner, the flight on which the dog was taken arrived at Rio’s Galliao airport at 1:50 p.m. But the dog wasn’t delivered to him until 3:30pm and nearly died. She says that Zion was in the heat for a long time, and after a few hours she died.

At that time, Latam informed that it has followed all admission and transfer procedures, and that it strictly adheres to the regulations of national and international authorities.

In October, the Weiser, an American Bully, boarded in Guarulhos, also on a Latam flight, bound for Aracajú (SE). Arriving in the capital of Sergipe, the animal, which is just over four years old, died.

According to Latam, the veterinary report indicated that the dog died of suffocation after biting part of the wooden box in which it was transported. The company confirmed that it followed all required procedures for transporting the animals.

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