HBO Max | Bring all generations together with content to watch as a family

HBO Max brings all generations together and their content to watch as a family. Check it out here!

HBO Max is the streaming platform that, due to its wide variety of premium content, entertains the whole family. From the youngest, with Cartoon Network productions, through Warner icons like Harry Potter, to the oldest who are drawn to new trends.

HBO Max has become the home of everything from the classic stories of LOONEY TUNES and TOM & JERRY and the first animated series of Batman and Superman, everyone’s favorite superheroes, to today’s children’s favorite series like PATROL DOG ​​or BEARS IN PROGRESS.

Through children’s content, HBO Max connects all generations in one place, creating a family-friendly space where adults and children can meet. Seniors can present the classics of their childhood to the young ones, and the young ones can also share the new content that breeds intolerance today, thus shortening the distances between generations.

Here are some titles you can share as a family on HBO Max:

Old Classics (60s and 70s)

Warner Bros. Cardboard (chromatic melody)

Every crazy, crazy, or idiot animatronic star has made viewers laugh, since the first time Bugs Bunny asked “What’s up, old man?” Coyote’s crazy plans to capture the Road Runner.


This popular TV cartoon showed two Stone Age families, the Flintstones family and their neighbors, the Robles family. Much of the humor was based on comic depictions of modern conveniences, with it reinterpreted using Stone Age “technology”.

Scooby Doo

The cutest puzzle-solving dog and his friend Shaggy, along with the rest of the gang, star in a spooky (and comedic) set of classic cartoons featuring the unique and incomparable Scooby-Doo.

All-Time Classics (80s and 90s)


The Tanner family is an ordinary American family. One day, they find out that they have a visitor. He’s small, hairy, cocky and he’s an alien from the planet Melmac. Not knowing what to do, they call it ALF: Alien Life Organism.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will Smith is a Philadelphia teenager who comes to California to live with his wealthy relatives in hopes of being straightened out and taught old values, but he soon claims his throne as Prince of Bel-Air.

Batman Animated Series

Determined to avenge the murder of his wealthy parents, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to fighting crime in Gotham.

Dexter’s lab

Dexter is a boy genius who has a secret lab in his room. Her mom and dad don’t know it, but her older sister Dee Dee does.

cows and chickens

Meet Cow and Chicken, who live in a house on the outskirts of town with human parents, human friends, and inhuman adventures.

New Classics (00 to 10)

KND: Neighborhood class

Five extraordinary 10-year-olds, dedicated to liberating all children from the tyranny of adults, have formed a secret team called the Neighborhood Kids (aka KND).

Encourage the cowardly dog

The extravagant adventures of Courage, a cowardly dog ​​who must overcome his own fears to heroically defend his unknown farmers from all kinds of dangers, paranormal events and threats that unfold on his land.


The series revolves around life at a stalemate, focusing on three friends who have nearly identical names: Du, Dudu, and Edu.

Billy and Mandy

Discover the story of two young children, Billy and Mandy, who become good friends with Puro Hueso after winning a forgotten contest against the Messenger of Death.


Join Emily Elizabeth and her big red dog Clifford as they explore the island they live on and start new adventures!

Ben 10

Ben 10 chronicles the adventures of 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, who discovers a strange watch that allows him to become ten different alien superheroes without losing his personality.

Future Classics (10 – 2022)

Adventure time

Adventure Time presents Finn and Jake, two heroes who have amazing adventures in the magical land of Ooo.

The amazing world of gumball

Meet Watterson: Mom, Dad, Anais, Darwin, and of course Gumball. Gumball is a twelve-year-old cat who has the gift of “bad luck” and an adorable group of curious friends.

Steven’s world

Stephen is the archetypal younger brother of humanity’s team of magical guardians, the Crystal Gems!

Of all these titles, which ones have you watched as a family with HBO Max? What are your favourites? Leave it in the comments!

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