Have you ever left your pet leashed in front of a store to make a purchase? PetParker has the solution to this predicament


What are you doing:
It is a subscription service that provides major retailers in the city of São Paulo with a smart home (terminal) so that pets can stay – for up to two hours – in a safe, comfortable and well-ventilated environment controlled by their owners, through the app while shopping.

What is the problem?:
In addition to ensuring the safety of pets, preventing them from getting attached to hooks/loops at the doors of establishments, where they are exposed to kidnappings, thefts and accidents, it also allows teachers to increase walking with their pets in daily activities.

What makes it special:
According to the founder, what makes PetParker special is the ability for pet owners to safely engage their pets in daily tasks, as it is possible to monitor the animals by cell phone for the duration of their stay at home.

business model:
PetParker works with a subscription plan for establishments. Values ​​depend on negotiations, contract size, number of homes, influx of visitors, etc. They also activate brands promoting the cause, through offline (in-home) and digital (in-app and other channels) activation. For the ultimate audience (pet teachers), use is free.


a partner:
George Ebel CEO & Founder


George Ebel – 35 years old, São Paulo (SP) – Graduated in Production Engineering from Centro Universitário do Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, with a major in Financial Markets from Yale University. He worked in the pharmaceutical field as a market development analyst at Roche and for nearly ten years as a managing partner at RXC Componentes Mecânicos and Transbox. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IFL (Institute for Leadership Training).

how did that happen:
In 2018, George said that while on a walk with his testers, he had to go to a supermarket. Because it would be a quick thing, so he wouldn’t have to go home, he left the dogs on a pole. But while he was inside the place, the dogs ran away, making him realize the danger of this kind of practice. She managed to get her pets back, but decided to build a safe house for them and convinced the supermarket to leave them at the entrance. Soon he began to receive several calls from organizations interested in acquiring a similar model. He also saw the trend of cell phone consumption increasing and believed that homes could be connected to a digital platform in a scalable manner. As an engineer, he developed the product taking into account all the factors that determine the necessary comfort and safety of a pet.

current stage:
PetParker has been in operation since the second half of 2019, with partners such as Pão de Açúcar, St. Marche, Eataly, Droga Raia, Drogasil, Ultrafarma, Empório São Paulo, BrMalls etc. The little house in its fifth generation. There are currently 50 houses (stations) installed with a greater focus on the south and west of the city of São Paulo. The company is headquartered in São Paulo, has eight employees and has vacancies.

I did not have.

Investment received:
The entrepreneur has already invested two million riyals in the business, and in August 2021 he received an initial contribution in an undisclosed amount.

Investment Need:
Not looking at the moment.

Market and competitors:
The pet market in Brazil presents a huge opportunity – it is the third largest in the world – with strong growth in the past seven years. The Brazilian has incorporated pets as family members and wants to share experiences with them outside the home. Strengthening the bond between Brazilians and their pets, which has been added to the search for balance and quality of life, is perfectly aligned with the PetParker concept. We do not currently have any direct competition. The category originating outside the country. In the US and Italy, there is a similar business model, but not the same, because it charges users and not organizations,” says George.

Biggest Challenges:
“Meet the growing demand. More than 44% of the population owns a pet, so there is a tendency to consume such services, in addition to the ease of viewing and controlling by cell phone. We want to promote smart cities and mobility. “Another big challenge is clear and consistent communication, as there is nothing like it in Brazil,” says the founder.


Draw Predictions:

Future vision:
“Achieve 2,500 points in São Paulo in 2022 and expand to other regions, as well as internationalize the business.”

Where to find:

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