Football scorer Rafael Mora questions Copacabana Beach’s follow-up in the professional and plays with his daughters

In addition to the biggest beach tennis stars, Follow the Beach Copacabana, between April 20 and 24, one of the sport’s top 3 players, will have a distinct presence in the professional and amateur championship fray. The event will offer prizes of 300,000 Brazilian riyals and is part of the Brazil Beach Tennis Tour.

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Rafael Mora, aka He-Man, football’s top scorer in Corinthians, Atletico (MG), Botafogo, América (MG), Fluminense and Goias, among other clubs, will compete in the professional singles category, starting on Thursday. 21, Parents and Daughters, Friday, 22, Under 14 with Nina Mora, and Lama Mora in the under 18 age group.

“I’m really looking forward to playing with my girls, something I’ve always wanted and the tournament is giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait to get on the field with them,” said Mora, who was playing a professional role. The sport, but still watching his football career in search of a club.

“For singles, there are specific preparations, but my training routine doesn’t change much because when we do some training, with my coach, I really train kind of on my own and we manage to adapt the singles game. But the singles characteristic is to play on time with all the balls that are in front of you. ,you have to get close to the net,create all plays,think two balls,three balls before killing the point,the mental focus is more all the time.Singles tournaments and I’ve done well.While I was a footballer I created a strong mindset allied with my body For individuals, the physical issue is weighed in with more balls being exchanged in the front and covering the back at the same time,” he continued.

He-Man will be challenged in singles by names such as Alessandro Calbucci, the five-time world champion, the current leader of the doubles classification. , Michelle Cappelletti, bomb dispatcher Ramon Guedez, Venezuelan athlete, top ten strength and speed, Frenchman Theo Irigaray, as well as outstanding Brazilians, Ralph Abreu, Joao Lauro Carneiro, Louise Gimpel, Antomeo Vollmer, among others.

Among the veterans, Marcelo Medeiros, teacher of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, will compete in the +50 class with Sávio Neves. Its highlight is its unique car, the Kombeachtennis, a Kombi adapted for beach tennis with a place to store rackets, balls and nets, a space with a TV and also a bed: “The aim of the Kombeachtennis is to travel and continue the Meds beach tennis social project, such as donating materials, nets, rackets, balls, and teacher training, and recently I used Kombeachtennis for tactical analysis with my son and students.Medeiros said he was the old owner of Surfusca where he started the social project in several Rio de Janeiro cities.

The event will kick off on Wednesday with the All Star Game, the competition between sports stars. The bachelors feuds begin on Thursday. Friday’s doubles arc that ends on Sunday begins with the finals scheduled at 15:00 and 17:00.

In addition to professional classes, Follow the Beach Copacabana has amateurs ranging from youth under 12 to veterans over 60. There will also be Team Cup matches, Team Competition, and the Parent-Child Championship.

The building is already being assembled and will feature 26 illuminated stadiums, with a central court podium for 3,000 people, a gastronomical area, shops and a space where concerts will feature each day of the competition. Tracking Copacabana Beach will see professional championships, amateur events, veterans, youth, parents and kids. Apart from that, a great entertainment program with concerts and a Salgueiro battery is expected to revive the period that will be the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. There are 2,500 entries with about 2,000 confirmed athletes in what will be the third edition of the competition in Copacabana returning to the main stage two years after the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, Follow the Beach was played in places like Uberlândia (MG) and Campinas (SP) with great success.


04/20 – All-Star Game – Mixed Doubles of Stars – from 18:00

04/21 – Men’s and Women’s Singles – Qualification from 9am / Main Draw from 1pm / Men’s Double Qualification from 3:30pm

04/22 – Women’s double qualifier from 9 a.m. / Women’s double main draw from 1 p.m. / Men’s semi-individuals from 4:30 p.m. / Women’s singles final from 7 p.m. / Men’s singles final from 8 p.m.

04/23 – Women’s doubles quarter-finals from 9 a.m. and men’s doubles / Women’s doubles semi-finals from 3:30 p.m. / Men’s doubles on Wednesdays from 4:30 p.m.

04/24 – Men’s Doubles Semi-finals from 11am / Women’s Doubles Final from 3pm / Men’s Doubles Final from 5pm

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