Discover how technology can be your best ally in your healthcare

Today, technology is an essential part to help solve and prevent diseases, and keep us healthy by taking control of our health, both physically and mentally.

To celebrate World Health Day, which is celebrated on April 7, SPC, a technology company that specializes in developing consumer electronics products, is unveiling five devices that will make your life, at home or at work, healthier and help take control of your health and your environment.

The CO2 meter lets you know when to ventilate your home

Do you live or work in the city and are looking to improve the air quality in your home or office? It is always important to open the windows to freshen the air in the spaces, reduce humidity and achieve a more pleasant temperature. But in cities, where there is more traffic, it is important to measure the levels of carbon dioxide in your environment and take steps to correct it so that it does not harm you.

Carbon dioxide meters are important for you to know when to ventilate your home to improve carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and temperature. With these devices, you can ensure that you are taking all the necessary precautions to have a healthy and balanced space.

Purifiers help get rid of bacteria, allergens and harmful gases

For allergy sufferers, flare-ups that occur in the spring or fall are hard to control. Even more so today, the seasons weaken and the allergy season is all year round. Purifiers are ideal equipment for these situations.

Today, with the advancement of technology, purifiers are so versatile, for large or smaller spaces, that they are highly effective in removing 99.95% of allergens, pollen, fine dust, harmful gases, smoke and bacteria from the air. They can be used in various modes, including at night, and be a part of our daily life, ensuring superior air quality.

UV-C light on some models allows you to kill microbes without harming anyone in the space, and a high-efficiency HEPA 13 filter helps remove any nasty particles. Some models even use a carbon filter that eliminates unpleasant odors.

air purifier

Credits: SPC

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Credits: SPC

You can reduce dry indoor air by using a humidifier

But if the cause of your crises and skin irritation is dry air, in another category you will have smart humidifiers, which can incorporate UV technology to achieve high-quality environments. It not only eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the water, but also ensures less dry air.

Fight insomnia, anxiety and depression with aromatherapy

On the other hand, specialties like aromatherapy, which use natural essential oils, can do a lot for your health. Aromatherapy diffusers can help you relieve symptoms of anxiety, fight insomnia, depression, and asthma, boost your health, and strengthen your body’s defenses.

These devices can work at night, and improve the environment, thanks to LED lighting and magnetic fragrances that, according to each scent and function, will positively affect your health.

Stay healthy with smart scales

But, even with these precautions you can take, with the air you breathe, at home or at work, you should keep an eye on your health. This is very easy. Smart scales aren’t (just) controlling your weight – at least not only.

They provide a complete analysis of many different parameters, so you can track your fitness progress and see what you need to improve. Like this, a smart scale, thanks to its smart design and BIA chip, offers 13 different parameters to fully analyze your health status and development, such as water content, BMI, muscle rate, protein rate, basal metabolism, bone mass, fat volume, body weight, physical age and body type and body degree.

With this information, you have a perfect picture of your condition, which you will be able to control without forgoing a routine consultation and regular check-ups with your doctor. Because your health does not wait for tomorrow.

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