Dachshund breeds – from Dobermann to Dachshund

Germany can be proud of a truly amazing number of dog breeds. Most of them are very well known and appreciated in Brazil, including German Shepherd, Dachshund and Rottweiler. Learn about German dog breeds!

Most of the German breeds are hunting dogs with long traditions, and to this day they are eagerly used while hunting, but at the same time they are family dogs.

Here is an overview of the most well-known (and some lesser-known) Dachshund dog breeds!

After France and Great Britain, Germany is the third country that can boast the largest number of dog breeds.

Among the breeds of Germany are hunting dogs (German Hound, Bavarian Mountain or German German), as well as guard dogs (Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman).

Let’s take a closer look at them!

1 – German dog breeds: German Shepherd

Let’s start with the most popular German dog breed, the German Shepherd. This wonderful dog was originally used as a shepherd dog, but also successfully served as a guard and police dog.

Today, the German Shepherd is recognized – rightly – as a versatile working dog. Besides the fact that it is still used for the above-mentioned purposes, it is seen, among other things, as dog rescue And Assistant.

German Shepherd – Photo: Pixabay

German Shepherds are dogs very smart who learn almost alone and are therefore “very easy to obey”. Yes, this breed is distinguished by great intelligence, a willingness to learn and cooperate with humans, but contrary to appearances, a sheepdog is not easy to train.

Therefore, it is not recommended as a first choice for inexperienced people. The German Shepherd needs a conscientious caregiver who knows his needs, and is very energetic and creative!

2- German dog breeds: Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the wonderful size dachshund breeds. Reaches He is 80 cm tall and weighs up to 95 kg (Bits are a bit smaller and lighter than dogs.) It can be safely said that the Great Dane is a cute giant.

Although it was originally used as a fighting and hunting dog, it is a calm, well-balanced breed of dog that sticks firmly to people in its surroundings. It is very sensitive To them and at the same time requires affection and constant contact with people.

The Great Dane is one of the German dog breeds

Great Dane – Photo: Pixabay

By standards, a Great Dane should not be shy or aggressive, but suspicious of strangers.

Caring for this pet is simple and easy. The only problem for more sensitive people may be the fact that the dog drools a lot …

Moreover, unfortunately, the The Great Dane is not a long-lived breed.. Thus, the life expectancy of this dog is 6 to 8 years.

3 – dachshund

The German Dachshund breed comes in three types: long-haired, short-haired and hard-haired. The history of the breed probably dates back to the 16th century.

The Dachshund is a dog that “lives in the perfect apartment”. However, despite their small size, the Dachshund is a very durable and active dog.

The sausage dog is one of the German dog breeds

Sausage dog in the backyard – Photo: Freepik

It’s one hunter bornNot addicted to TV. Therefore, it is definitely not recommended for people who value peace and a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

dogs of this breed They tend to gain weightTherefore, it requires regular activities of various kinds.

4 – Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Hound is a breed descended from another German dog – the Hanoverian Hound.

It is relatively young, as it was founded in the 19th century. The Bavarian Hound is certainly lighter and more agile than the Hannover Hound, which makes it ideal for, among other things, Working in mountainous terrain.

Also, she has a better sense of smell than her predecessor.

Not a dog for inexperienced people. Requires patient and stable owner. He himself is a balanced and calm dog if all his needs are met.

He enjoys working with people and gets attached to them easily. But he is very suspicious of strangers.

5 – Eurasier

The Eurasier, unlike most German dog breeds, is not a hunting dog and does not have a long history.

This is a typical companion dog. The breed was created quite recently, in the 1960s, from crossing spitz wolf and foraging food.

German dog breeds

Eurasier – Photo: Freepik

At first, the breed’s name was wolf-chow, but after more crosses, this time with a Samoyed, it ended up being called a Eurasier.

Not a particularly popular dog. This dog is very balanced and calm, very attached to loved ones and requires a lot of attention from them. It’s not the secluded type, so it’s not recommended for busy people who spend a lot of time outside.

6 – Rottweiler

When listing German dog breeds, it’s hard not to mention the Rottweiler. It is a wonderful guard dog that dates back to antiquity. In addition to being a guardian of the herd, she also served, among other things, as a herding dog and as a sled dog.

Due to the fact that at some point the race ceased to be widely used as before, it was almost extinct. Fortunately, this did not happen and the 20th century brought renewed interest in the breed.

Rottweiler is one of the German dog breeds

Rottweiler – Photo: Pixabay

Unfortunately, the Rottweiler does not have a good reputation.

It is a large and strong dog, exceptionally brave, persistent, calm and confident. He is very attentive and away from strangers. But he is kind and friendly with his relatives.

In addition, this breed has Strong family bond It will protect you at any cost.

Rottweilers are intelligent dogs that love to learn and cooperate with humans. However, the owner should be an experienced, calm, consistent and kind person.

Due to their characteristics, their relatively “threatening” appearance, these dogs, unfortunately, often end up in the hands of unsuitable people.

7- German Spitz: one of the German dog breeds

The German Spitz, also known as the Pomeranian, is a small family dog ​​that was formerly used as guard dogs. Its ancestor is a dog dating back to the Stone Age. The current appearance of the breed was formed in the nineteenth century.

One theory about the origin of the breed claims that it comes from Pomerania (hence the name Lulu da Pomerania).

Japanese German Spitz dog breeds

Spitz – Photo: Freepik

Spitz Very noisy and active. He hates boredom and loneliness, and requires human closeness. Although small and “aristocratic” in appearance, he is very persistent and learns quickly. He can successfully practice various sports.

The Spitz is a relatively healthy, long-lived dog, although it does have problems with its teeth and eyes. To maintain a beautiful Spitz’s coat, they must be combed and trimmed regularly.

8 – Leonberger

The Leonberger is a large mountain dog. Its history, although not long, is very interesting. One theory is that the Leonbergers descended from the Tibetan Mastiff found in the Middle Ages in the Alps.

The second theory, the most widely accepted, states that the origin of race is directly related to The city of Leonbergwhose coat of arms is a lion. This name can be translated as “Lion Mountain”.

German dog breeds

Leonberger dogs – Photo: Freepik

A townsman, who wanted to become famous, created a new breed in the 1830s.

But according to this theory, the Leonberger family was created as a result of the crossing of Newfoundland and St. Bernard. Therefore, in the following years, the breeder also experimented with combining the above with the Pyrenean mountain dog.

Moreover, Leonberger is a Exceptional guard dog And Excellent rescue dog. However, he is most often the companion of the family.

He is intelligent, well-balanced, eager to learn and gets along with people. he is Very patient and gentle with children.

9- Boxer: one of the German dog breeds

The Boxer is another breed of Dachshund. For now, interest in him has waned. The breed was established in the nineteenth century and from the beginning it was used mainly for guarding as well as for defense.

The Boxer is a wonderful working dog, ideal not only for tasks as a guard, but also for example working in the police or in the rescue service.


Boxer – Photo: Pixabay

He is very attached to his relatives and You don’t like loneliness. It is a patient, gentle and at the same time exceptionally cheerful and energetic dog. It is a dream companion for active people who are able to devote a lot of time and attention to their dog.

10 – poodle

Poodles are not only one of the most popular games, but also the smartest – only Border Collies are ahead of them in this regard.

In addition, an additional advantage is the fact that it almost does not shed. So it is not surprising that so far there is a dispute between Germany and France about its origin.

Poodle types

Poodle – Photo: Freepik

Poodles are versatile, talented dogs – they do well in various activities and sports, for example agility, obedience training, tracking, herding and assistance dogs and even the stars of a talent show.

Other German dog breeds

  • Affenpinscher
  • Weimaraner
  • Schnauzer

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