Dachshund breed – learn about the characteristics of this puppy

you know German dog breed? Today we are going to bring up the characteristics of this puppy, which is very playful and a wonderful companion for its owner. In addition to being an excellent guard dog, this breed of dog is very lively, and can provide moments of fun with the whole family.

It adapts to different environments, from a house with a small backyard to getting used to living in an apartment. So, if you want to have a Dachshund companion, check out some characteristics that can make you fall in love with this dog.

Dachshund breed – discover the main characteristics of this puppy

Dachshund – Photo: Freepik

Also known as Dachshund, ‘sausage’ or ‘linguicinha’, the Dachshund breed is well known for its characteristics. His temperament is considered docile, but he is a dog that needs attention, as he does not like to be alone in the house.

Discover below the basic characteristics of the sausage breed and discover the peculiarities of this gentle and companion dog.

Dachshund breed – physical structure

One of the main physical characteristics of the dachshund is its short legs and long body, which in fact resemble a sausage, giving rise to the breed’s common name. Because his muzzle is long, he makes an excellent sun dog, and he has very long ears, which contributes to his hunting and protective instincts.

Due to its distinctive characteristics, the Dachshund is often confused with the Basset Hound breed. What makes the difference are Basset Hounds’ long ears. In general, linguicinhas dogs have a shorter, tougher coat, and they can be found in traditional colors such as black, brown, brown and chocolate.

However, other types of coats can be found in Dachshunds such as some dark or light spot colours. In addition, the length of the jacket can also vary, which requires periodic mowing and daily brushing.

Dachshund Breed – Character and Behaviors

One of the main characteristics of the breed’s personality is that they are very playful and, in some cases, require dog training. It is not considered an aggressive dog, but it can display watch behaviors, and have a more protective attitude.

Therefore, in some situations, such as when a visitor arrives, it is important that the teacher teach the puppy to socialize, and to avoid any aggressive situation with the animal. Therefore, the dog can sometimes behave more conservatively, but this does not mean that he does not live with other pets.

Health care for dogs of this breed

German dog breed

Dachshund – Photo: Freepik

As seen in the topics above, the Dachshund has an elongated body and short legs, so it is prone to developing back problems. Herniated disc is one of those problems that can affect the strain caused by erosion of the intervertebral disc in the spine.

This problem occurs as a result of movements such as going up and down stairs, intense exercise, weight gain and other efforts in the area of ​​​​the dog’s spine. Another very common health problem in Dachshunds is obesity in dogs, so care must be taken with the amount of food offered to the pet.

In addition, the dog’s ears should not be wet, as this facilitates the reproduction of fungi and bacteria that can lead to diseases such as otitis in dogs. Don’t forget to keep vaccinations up to date and take your pup to the vet!

Food and physical activity are an ideal combination to maintain the well-being of your pet.

To prevent breeding diseases and promote a high quality of life for your dog, invest in a food and physical activity routine. An important tip is to feed the dog food exclusively for its age, weight and size. Thus, weight gain and diseases caused by malnutrition can be avoided.

Hiking and playing are great allies to expend energy, you can even enjoy the outdoors for a walk. Tip: Dachshunds love to explore nature. So, if you invest in nature walks, gardens or farms, they will definitely feel happy and whole.

These were the characteristics of the dachshund breed. We hope you enjoyed learning more about this sweetheart. So, who knows, you already have the information you need to adopt your dog and give him a decent quality of life, depending on the needs of the breed.

Take care of your dog!

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