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Cohesion and talent

Today’s news Benfica dedicates victory to the derby, in a match in which the best team on the field took three points, despite another unfortunate referee. We also remember the great victory of the Roller Hockey Gold Cup and the fiercely renouncing a new cycle of racism on a football field.


Benfica had a great appearance at Alvalade yesterday, crowded, despite the Champions League elimination, with a 3-3 draw at Liverpool, which shows the racing, the desire, the ambition and the competence we demand of ourselves and this. Keep going in the derby.

In the opinion of Nelson Verissimo, “Overall we played a very consistent match, overcoming the difficulties that Sporting imposed. We must be congratulated for what we did and for the result.

The victory achieved leaves the battle for second place open, a fact highlighted by Verissimo: “Now it’s about getting to second place. We thought it was possible to beat Sporting and we won the match. We have to fight for the four victories and then we’ll see.”


Unfortunately, in this derby, Sporting’s two expulsions were pardoned in a biased arbitration from the start, executed by Fabio Verissimo and Hugo Miguel. The VAR held at least 9 points in this tournament (Estoril, Gil Vicente, Morerense and Vizella), but we didn’t concede anything.

If in one bid the absurd and blatant disparity in the standards applied throughout the race depending on the emblem is revealed, in the other it is incomprehensible how the unfortunate and shameful attitude of Nuno Santos is taken away from a fellow professional.


After the match, Benfica’s general manager of professional football, Rui Pedro Braz, expressed his displeasure and indignation at what happened during the ninety minutes, another episode to add to the many episodes that have taken place throughout the season. “We want to fight for respect, but when we lack respect from week to week, we have to say enough is enough. Benfica must be respected,” he said. see full data, here.


With regard to an urgent and unfortunately controversy tournament, will the league or the federation open any investigation into what happened yesterday in Dragau? Commercial mixing – this time, frankly – has extended to the facilitation of a shameless athlete, likely to definitively kill sporting truth and fairness in this tournament. A competition that wants to internationalize and be a reference cannot agree with this kind of situation.


As for our other teams working yesterday, in football we had two defeats at the end of the day (B team and under 19) on tough rides. In the wing forms, there is a gold cup victory in hockey.

In a weekend full of victories, including a thrilling basketball derby, whose last-second victory secured first place in the second stage and subsequent first place in the pairing in the playoffs, the greatest achievement in roller hockey came, with the coveted Gold Cup win, It is a competition in which 12 of the best European teams participated today. The final 5-1 against OC Barcelos reversed Benfica’s superiority throughout the match, a great victory that enriches our history immensely.

We also remind you that tomorrow, at 8pm, there will be an Indoor Football Derby with Sporting in Luz. Let’s support our team! Entry is free for Sport Lisboa e Benfica members.


Yesterday’s racist insults at Vila do Conde during the match between Rio Ave and Benfica B were very audible, both on the field and on television. This fan – and anyone who adopts similar behaviours – has no place in sport. Racism is abhorrent, it should be purged from our life in society long ago. We stand in solidarity with our athletes who are the victims of this aggression and reiterate that Benfica has been and will always be highly committed to combating this scourge plaguing our society.

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