Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, we turn to you in this hour of tribulation. You are a mother who loves us and knows us: from what is in our hearts, nothing is hidden from you. O Mother of Mercy, we often experience your steadfast tenderness, your presence that restores peace, because you always lead us to Jesus, Prince of Peace.

But we have lost the way to peace. We have forgotten the lesson of the tragedies of the last century, the sacrifice of millions of dead in world wars. We have neglected the commitments made as a community of nations and betray the dreams of peoples for peace and the hopes of young people. We are sick of greed, closing ourselves in on national interests, letting ourselves dry up from indifference and paralyzed by selfishness. We prefer to ignore God, live with our lies, nurture aggression, suppress spirits, and collect weapons, forgetting that we are the guardians of our neighbors and our common home. We have torn the garden of the earth with war, and sinned the heart of our Father, who wants us to be brothers and sisters. We become indifferent to everyone and everything but ourselves. We are ashamed to say: Forgive us, O Lord!

In the misery of sin, in our weariness and weakness, in the mystery of injustice, wickedness and war, you, Holy Mother, remind us that God does not abandon us, but continues to look at us with love, ready to forgive and raise us up again. It is He who gave you to us and made in your Immaculate Heart a refuge for the Church and humanity. By divine goodness, you are with us and tenderly guide us even in the narrowest coma of history.

That is why we turn to you, and knock on the door of your heart, we are your dear children who never tire of visiting you at all times and calling you to conversion. In this dark hour, come to help and comfort us. I repeated to each of us: “Aren’t you here, from your mother?” You know how to untangle our hearts and untie the knots of our times. We trust you again. We are sure that you, especially at the time of trial, do not despise our prayers and come to our aid.

This I did in Cana of Galilee, when I hastened at the time of Jesus’ intervention and brought His first sign into the world. When the feast turned into sadness, I told him: They have no alcohol! (Atmosphere 2, 3). Mother, repeat it again to God, for today the wine of hope has run out from us, joy has faded, brotherhood is diminished. We have lost humanity and squandered peace. We become capable of all violence and destruction. We desperately need your mother’s intervention.

Therefore, mother, accept this prayer of ours:
O star of the sea, do not drown us in the storm of war.
You, the Ark of the New Testament, inspire the projects and paths of reconciliation;
You, O “land of Heaven”, bring God’s accord back to the world;
Wipe away the hatred, calm the vengeance, teach us forgiveness;
Free us from war and save the world from the nuclear threat.
O Queen of the Rosary, awaken in us the need for prayer and love;
Queen of the human family, showing the peoples the path of brotherhood;
O Queen of Peace, bring peace to the world.

Your tears, mother, move our hard hearts. The tears you shed for us, make this valley blossom again, where our hatred has dried up. And while the noise of the guns is not silenced, may your prayers make us prepare for peace. To caress your hands who suffer and escape under the weight of the bombs. A mother’s arms console those who have been forced to leave their homes and their country. May your aching heart lead us to mercy and encourage us to open doors and care for the wounded and neglected humanity.

Holy Mother of God, while you were at the foot of the cross, Jesus, seeing the disciple next to you, said to you: “Look at your son!” (Atmosphere 19, 26). This is how each of us entrusted you. Then he said to the disciple each one of us: Here is your mother! (19, 27). Mom, now we want to welcome you into our lives and into our history. In this hour, humanity, exhausted and troubled, stands at the foot of the cross with you. And he must surrender himself to you, to devote himself to Christ through you. The Ukrainian people and the Russian people, who sanctify you with love, turn to you, while your heart beats for them and for all the peoples devastated by war, hunger, injustice and misery.

Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all mankind, especially Russia and Ukraine, to your Immaculate Heart. We welcome this work that we do with confidence and love, stopping war, and giving the world peace. Yes, that emanated from your heart opened the doors of history to the Prince of Peace. We trust that peace will come through your heart. In this way we dedicate to you the future of the entire human family, the needs and fears of peoples, and the concerns and hopes of the world.

Through you, may divine mercy pour out upon the earth, and the beautiful throbbing of peace will be a sign of our journeys once again. O woman, yes, upon whom the Holy Spirit descended, restore to our midst the harmony of God. Drink the hollows of our hearts, O “Source of Living Hope”. Mankind has woven into Jesus, and we have made company makers. You walked in our ways and guided us on the paths of peace. Trustworthy.

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