10 amazing facts about the dachshund, the famous sausage

Long body, short paws and large ears. It is almost impossible not to fall in love and immediately get acquainted with dachshunds, the famous “sausage” or “linguicinha”. The German puppy is one of the greats beloved by Brazilians. A survey by Dog Hero shows the breed as the 12th most popular in the country.

Therefore, the capital Cities I collected 10 curiosities about this attraction.

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1 – Egyptian or German?

The exact origin of the Dachshund is still unknown, but some believe the breed may have originated in Egypt 4,000 years ago. However, the most plausible story is that it originated in Germany during the Middle Ages.

2 – Dachshund means badger dog

The name of this small dog is directly related to the function of the original breed: hunting and controlling badgers, so much so that in some areas it even received the nickname “badger”. Due to the dog’s long body and small frame, it was perfect for entering these animals’ den. The mission required “sausages” to locate and kill the badgers.

3- They were persecuted during the First and Second World Wars

Since it is a dog of German origin, many British and Americans began hunting small dogs during World War I. The persecution was so great that they set up sweat-extinguishing groups and campaigns. During World War II persecution continued, but to a lesser extent.

Soon after the end of World War II, Dachshunds became very popular again, as they were imported by the Americans themselves and became one of the most beloved dogs by American families.

4 – Sausages have three types of fur

The puppy of this breed has some differences in terms of coat and size, however, the best known and most popular is the shorthaired dachshund. After all, it was he who gave rise to the long-haired sausage, by crossing the breeds of schnauzers and spaniels. But they can also have long and medium fur.

In terms of color, it is quite versatile, it is able to present a single color, like cream, interspersed with dark strands. But there are also two-color sausages, which can be a mixture of black and chocolate.

5 – Friendly to other animals

Dachshund puppy gets along well with other animals, especially dogs of the same breed. However, the teacher should be aware of the sausage’s dominant and possessive personality. He is usually a very jealous dog about his space and his toys.

And for his coexistence to be harmonious with everyone, including children, he must receive training in socialization while he is still a puppy.

6 – They can feel lonely

Dachshund puppies are very passionate about their owners, so they usually create a certain attachment, so they can have a certain tendency to feel lonely when they are away from their owners, and they can develop some undesirable behaviours, such as barking very loudly.

In addition, he may feel restless and bored if left alone for a long time, and he may ruin some things. Therefore, when deciding to get a sausage, it is ideal to be aware of the schedule, check how much time can be devoted to the pet, as well as consider that it may need training.

7- Some precautions are necessary

The sausage is a small animal, so its owner should be careful with its long back, as it can easily get hurt when trying to jump from beds or sofas, for example. On some occasions the teacher can (and should) take him on his lap and pay extra attention to the stairs.

8 – Sausage is full of energy

The Dachshund was originally a hunting dog, so he has the energy to give and sell. Besides, he loves really good adventure. Therefore, the teacher should always be ready to take him on good walks in the big and open places. In gardens, sausages can “return” to their origins, which are hunting and smelling. It can be an excellent idea to raise them in a safe yard.

9 – Long live!

The Dachshund is a very strong and healthy breed, but the owner must take some special care of food and ears. It is very easy to get fat in sausages, so they need proper nutrition and daily walking. Additionally, their ears are long and need to be spayed well to prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria.

10- Olympiad and cinema star

The first official mascot of the Olympic Games was a father, a dachshund. The dog was used at the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, Germany. In addition, the pup participates in commercials and has appeared in several films as a hero. Among the main ones: The Shaggy Champion, Bob the Father and Bob Son, Wiener-Dog, and the famous Toy Story trilogy, with the spring dog Slinky.

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