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Aloy is back in ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ to fight a deadly epidemic

Anyone who played “Horizon: Zero Dawn” in 2017 was impressed by the production of Guerrilla Games. The story of Aloy, a renegade girl who became the savior of the rest of humanity, stands out in the quality of the plot, graphics and gameplay. Well connected, the question that remained was: How would producers find a narrative for the sequel? The answer came with “Horizon: Forbidden West” which was published on PS5 and PS4 in February.

To talk about this game, it is necessary to give context to it, but we will not give spoilers, not even the first title. The plot takes place in the distant future, after humanity has surrendered. In this new world, the survivors have returned to the tribal stage. And of course full of mysticism and beliefs.

Thus, the player encounters robotic creatures. From horses to mammoths and dinosaurs, the player encounters other giant monsters that look like they were taken from “Transformers”.

These metallic creatures evolved from a desperate attempt to save the race. It is part of a reclamation project (a theoretical process to make other planets habitable like Earth) controlled by artificial intelligence. The project was supposed to take humanity to other planets, after man blew up the Earth.

Things went badly!

However, the plan failed, as the AI ​​realized that the main misfortune was for humans and that they could keep the planet alive. After that time he stood still and centuries later it was up to Aloy to solve the matter. For some reason (as shown in the plot), she was the only one with access to the advanced technology of the ancestors.

In “Forbidden West” the player again takes on the role of Aloy. From outcast to heroine, the hero becomes a leader in the tribe. I started using technology for community development. However, there is another threat.


In the story of the game, various reclamation projects are developed to turn hostile planets into habitable planets. But when all went well, an anomaly in one of these units ended up causing an epidemic. A type of poisonous plant is once again endangering humanity.

As the name of the game suggests, the player will head towards the “Forbidden West”, which is the essence of perversion spread. The crossing will culminate in the ruins of San Francisco, including the columns of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This entire story serves as a backdrop to increase the plot challenge. Along the way, the player will encounter enormous metallic creatures, as well as other tribes, not to mention the effects of the plague, which can be fatal.

Horizon . game

The game is a legitimate Action RPG. It brings all the elements for those who like long campaigns, with countless side quests and plenty of dialogue. The player must develop his character, activate new skills, and improve equipment. It is needed to collect inputs such as rocks, vegetables, and scrap to recover energy and “ammo”.

With texts and dubbing in Portuguese, the game allows the player to choose the difficulty modes, in addition, the choice is more focused on the story than on the combat. This mode simplifies the tasks and gives the scheme more fluidity. But for those who like to search every pixel in a scenario, the title also gives complete freedom.


Those who played the first game will have no trouble adapting to the new “Horizon” commands. They are basically the same. Offense, defense, offside, pickups, and goals are no different from its predecessor.

And those who haven’t played before won’t have any problems getting used to it. The game “forces” a careful tutorial when Aloy “trains” a clan member to use the focus assistant. It is a device next to the ear. Activates an augmented reality system that gives access to ancestral technology.

Focus is the key to progress in the game. By pressing R3, it indicates the paths, access and locations of metal objects. With this feature, the player can also access new information and open the door.

Forbidden West Drawings

Guerrilla Games took great care in production. The title was responsible for the franchise’s debut on PS5. The game is designed to exploit console features, such as using Ray Tracing technology. This type of effect is able to change the projection of light according to the viewing angle of the viewer. The same thing happens when our eye focuses on a reflective surface such as a screen or glass, and by moving the head, the projection of light on the object changes.

The title is also impressive for the quality of textures, details of characters, and scenarios. Shadows, fog and water are very realistic. The interaction with the scenario is also extensive, with footprints, distorted structures and other consequences of player intervention. All in an amazing amount of color, which makes “Forbidden West” a very beautiful production before the eyes.

to rule

After “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” it was hard to imagine how Guerrilla would create a new game without iterating it. But they have outdone themselves. The game expands the world of the series, adding new elements to the plot and leaving loose ends for continuity or even exploration of parallel stories of the universe.

For those who have not played the first game, ignorance does not interfere with the experience or understanding of the plot. But it is also worth trying out the first title, it may be after completing “Forbidden: West”, as it is a neat game that guarantees many hours of fun.

Available for PS5 and PS4, with prices starting at 300 BRL.

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