Toyota Hilux GR-Sport is elegant and sporty

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Toyota Hilux GR-S

Photo: Advertising / Toyota

Toyota Hilux has always been a brand of pickup trucks. A consumer dream for those in the agribusiness, it has gone through many redesigns to satisfy urban pickup truck drivers, even arriving in the GR-Sport version, a sleeker and sportier version, which can satisfy the off-road general public as well as those who drive. You want to parade through major cities in an SUV that attracts a lot of attention.

On the off-road track of the Autodromo Velo Cittá, we were able to test the most impressive functionality of the Hilux pickup truck. It combines the sporty feel and unique comfort we already know. No wonder he is one of the legends of the Dakar Rally and one of the exhibitors who have won the most challenging races in the world. This is where the design inspiration for the new Hilux GR-S comes in.

The appearance, both internal and external, is impressive. Exterior color options remain consistent with Toyota Gazoo Racing, Attitude Black, Volcano Red and Pearl White. These last two options offer a two-tone alternative with a roof, hood and mirrors in Attitude Black. The wide black fenders, door handles, mirrors and bar contrast with the body colours. The front seats combine eco-friendly natural leather and perforated suede with red stitching.

The Gazoo Racing brand’s distinctive elements such as the ignition button, switch, unit number identification plate, seat headrest, aluminum pedal plate and floor mats exclusive to this model were also highlighted.

The visual impact, let’s get to what really matters, is it worth the R$348,790 car cost?

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In his driving test Karsogi GateWe only evaluated off-road conditions, but were able to check the level of accuracy, with suspension improvements, and provide dynamic behavior on stretches of skiing, uphill or downhill. Equipped with 4×4 traction, the 265/60 R17 All-Terrain tires make it extremely safe and quiet to get through muddy, gravel or dirt terrain, without slipping, and with plenty of traction. The GR-S version of Hilux adopts a new style of 17-inch alloy wheels, providing a unique design.

In this version, the new Hilux GR-S is equipped with a 224-horsepower 2.8-liter inline-four diesel engine with a variable-geometry (TGV) turbocharged and intercooler (1GD), along with a six-speed automatic gearbox. Thus, the pickup truck, in the GR-S version, gained 20 horsepower compared to other versions of the range.

Toyota Hilux GR-S

Photo: Advertising / Toyota

Torque has also been increased from 50.9 kg/m to 55 kg/m, which enhances the ability to climb more steeply. These characteristics are highlighted by the suspension, which received a new configuration in the springs to gain more rigidity, as well as an increase in the diameter of the single-tube dampers by 30% compared to other Hilux models.

The result is seen in the steering, with a more direct and linear response in speed conditions, on terrain and off-road, without affecting the payload capacity. Thus, the driver increases the degree of confidence and safety behind the wheel, especially on poorly controlled terrain, such as dirt and unpaved roads.

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