Top 10 Most Watched Movies of the Week (16/04/2022)

The holiday went by as fast as Sonic and you haven’t seen anything and you have no idea what your next play will be? So the most watched movies of the week can help you choose your next movie. And of course, the blue hedgehog was one of the highlights of that period.

The premiere of the second film in cinemas aroused the interest of the staff in the first adventure of the character, which was responsible for breaking the curse of the game’s modifications and presenting a simple and very interesting plot.

For lovers of spy plots, Dinner among spies It adapts the famous book that tells the story of a former CIA couple who are reunited after years of failing on a mission and go to wash their soiled clothes and research some disturbing facts.

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It is worth noting that there is still no official tool that determines the most watched movies on streaming and video-on-demand services. Therefore, the best way to do this is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what they are watching and also what content streams are available.

So, based on this data, we have come up with an approximate ranking of this week’s most watched movies in Brazil.

10. Tami Faye’s Eyes

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress, Best Hair and Makeup, Tami Faye’s eyes It follows famous evangelist Tami Fay, played here by Jessica Chastain. Although little known in Brazil, she is a very caricatured character on American television, creating an empire in the 1960s of religious channels and programming.

This feature depicts the whole story of this woman who, despite her somewhat cartoonish appearance, got to a place where no one had ever been when she spoke about faith on TV — even if everything behind the scenes wasn’t as beautiful as her words.

Tami Faye’s eyes Exclusive to Star +.

9. Gucci House

Based on the true story of the Gucci family, the owners of one of the world’s largest, most famous and most valuable fashion brands, Gucci House It’s almost a soap opera that mixes drama, intrigue, and crime that you can still remember to this day. And all under the guidance of Ridley Scott and a cast that includes none other than Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino.

The whole story revolves around the ambition of Patricia Reggiani (Gaga), a woman of humble origins who marries one of the heirs of Gucci (the driver) and it is precisely this ambition that reveals all the ambitions of the clan members, in a power struggle between the heirs and of course in a murder.

Gucci House Available for purchase and rental on Google Play, iTunes and Microsoft Store.

8.007: No time to die

The world’s most famous secret agent returns on one last mission – and perhaps his most difficult one. Daniel Craig’s departure from the role of James Bond also marks the end of the arc that’s been built over the past 16 years and puts 007 against all the ghosts of the past.

Even retired and properly married to Madeleine (Léa Seydoux), a spy must return to work after believing he has been betrayed at the same time that a terrorist threatens to use a new biological weapon that could wipe out humanity. As he races to save the world, Bond still finds time to find what he never thought he was looking for.

007: No time to die Available on Prime Video for purchase and rental on Now, iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

7. King Richard: The Making of Heroes

Based on the true story of Richard Williams, father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, King Richard: The Making of Heroes Behind the scenes shows the formation of two of the most important athletes in recent years – and how the father figure has been central to that.

So, we see this father’s journey, the challenges and obstacles he faced in order for his daughters to reach the top of the sports world.

King Richard: The Making of Heroes Available on HBO Max and to rent and buy on Now, iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

6. Dinner among spies

Based on Olin Steinhauer’s book, Dinner among spies Two ex-CIA agents bring face to face at a dinner party six years after they witnessed a terrorist attack that left hundreds dead and were unable to stop it. And this reunion will highlight the facts that reveal that there was something more that night that could have cost them their lives at that moment.

And since the torment does not come alone, there is a fact that these ex-spies are nothing more than an ex-couple who broke up precisely because of the trauma caused by the accident. So, more than being at gunpoint where you don’t know who the enemy is, you still have to turn on the DR to increase the tension of the moment.

Dinner among spies Exclusive to Prime Video.

5. Driving my car

driving my car An essay on grief and loss and how we deal with those feelings. From the story of an actor who suddenly loses his wife, we follow the routines and habits he adopts to deal with this remaining void – all of which are revealed when he has to leave a broken person behind while driving.

And the genius of the Japanese character lies in the subtlety with which all this is presented, the stitching and presentation of the protagonist’s anguish from the script of the play Teo Vanya, by Anton Chekhov, which acts more as a narrator than a traumatized one. character. Feel.

driving my car Available on Mubi.

4. In the rhythm of the heart

The big winner of this year’s Best Picture Oscar draws attention precisely because it is one of those light and sweet stories, made to warm the heart while delivering a very powerful and inspiring message. in the rhythm of the heart It tells the story of Ruby (Emilia Jones), a young daughter of deaf parents, who one day discovers her passion for singing.

But things are not that easy and she soon faces the dilemma of having to choose between her dream and her family.

in the rhythm of the heart Available on Prime Video for purchase and rental on Google Play and iTunes.

3. Moon landing: Moon danger

Director Roland Emmerich known precisely for his disastrous films returns to threaten the Earth with a lot of chaos and horrific scenes. Only this time, the threat is one of the ancient acquaintances of mankind – the moon. After all, what would happen if our natural satellite left orbit and entered a collision course with our planet?

at Moon landing: Moon dangerNot only do we see the natural consequences of this catastrophe, but we also see the struggle of a group of astronauts to try to prevent an imminent end of the world. From validating some very insane conspiracy theories and somewhat questionable rhetoric, this feature introduces this group of unexpected heroes who face a seemingly impossible task – which will unlock cosmic secrets.

Moon landing: Moon danger Available for purchase and rental on Google Play and iTunes.

2. Spider-Man: No Home

The long-awaited movie that could spoil the multiverse Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is also a true love letter to the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider Man in the movies. In the end, No going home It relates not only to what the hero has faced under the tutelage of Marvel Studios, but also what we have seen of the character over the past two decades.

So, after revealing his identity to the world, Peter Parker turns to magic and this makes other realities people come to him – including villains like Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin. Thus, the friendly neighborhood has to race against time and rely on unexpected alliances to keep the universes in order.

Spider-Man: No Home Available for purchase and rental on Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Amazon.

1. Sonic: The Movie

The fastest and most famous blue hedgehog in games also won the cinema and broke the curse of the game mods. Sonic: The Movie He brings the classic video game character to the big screen in a simple, yet heartfelt plot and nods to gaming – perfect for kids right now and those in the ’90s.

The story begins as soon as Sonic arrives in our world, attracting the attention of not only the army but also an eccentric scientist who wants to catch a hedgehog to take advantage of the strange energy emanating from it. As he seeks to escape this new enemy, Sonic encounters a family for the first time.

Sonic: The Movie It is the most watched movie of the week and is available on Telecine for purchase and rental on Now, Microsoft Store, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.

Source: JustWatch

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