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The weekly briefing Consists of a selection of articles that marked the week in More. This week’s summary runs April 11, 2022 through April 16, 2022. This was the site’s first bet to boost its media content panel, allowing our readers to catch up on articles of greatest interest and worth highlighting.

This week was clearly marked by incidents and news in the world of crypto assets and the metaverse (which has been the focus of technology). However, we could not exclude some of the highlights of Apple, which is betting on new capabilities in the gaming sector, but also on enhancing existing technology with new features that improve the quality of life of users. Finally, we show you a somewhat intriguing analysis and the news coming out on the TikTok side (this past week).

This address has allowed us to collect some of the most technologically relevant information. The summary includes what we think are the headlines or most important information of the week so our readers have the opportunity to find out what they’ve missed and keep up with the world and technology.

1. Crypto assets – 04/11/2022

Robinhood Opens Its Cryptocurrency Portfolio To 2 Million People

Robinhood is best known as a stock trading platform and played a big role in the stock meme frenzy last year, but says that cryptocurrency purchases are becoming increasingly popular among its users. “Bitcoin is actually the most frequent purchase of our customers, than many stocks you might think of,” said Aparna Chennapragada, the company’s chief product officer, on stage at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami. Check out our article and see how Robinhood plans this opening.

two. metaverse – 04/12/2022

Meta allows creators to sell virtual items in the Metaverse

When taking this “shop the world” test, Meta will follow in the footsteps of other 3D social platforms such as Roblox and Rec Room, which allow content creators to sell items they make themselves. Roblox has built a huge business out of this model, while Rec Room is growing fast and prioritizing monetization from creators as well. However, sales parameters in the metaverse for major platforms (now also Meta) have sparked controversy. Find out why in our article!

3. Technique – 04/12/2022

Patents reveal that Apple may be creating a gaming console

As has been disclosed, the patents indicate that the project is still in trial, however, the illustrations show different types or approaches to commands. The first patent was published on March 31, while the second was published on April 10, which indicates that Apple is still focused on this project. interested? Check out our article and see where this information is coming from and how the Cupertino manufacturer has invested in these concept projects.

4. Technique – Analysis – 04/13/2022

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro review: Android Pro tablet review

Lenovo has clear ambitions to acquire certain tablets from Apple and Samsung, and it gets enough praise to make the Tab P12 Pro an attractive option. The tablet could have a better update commitment than Lenovo. Two OS updates will be better than one. Find out why we (partially) came to this brief conclusion by checking out our full review in the article above and seeing if this product might interest you when deciding whether to buy this tablet.

5. Technique – 04/14/2022

Your Apple Watch may have a satellite connection

This feature was already expected to be part of the new iPhone, but the introduction of this technology did not materialize. However, it is expected to launch on the new iPhone 14, although there is no kind of official confirmation that this will be the case. Check out our article to see how this technology will become part of the new Apple Watch.

6. Crypto assets – NFTs – 04/14/2022

Failure in one of the largest NFTs markets put more than 2 million users at risk

On April 1, the CPR party witnessed a similar attack on Jay Cho, a popular Taiwanese singer. He was asked to file a transaction that led to the theft of NFT 3738 from the BoardAppe pool, which was subsequently sold for $500,000 on the Rarible Marketplace. Learn about the risks associated with this fragility in the crypto market and what is the “way of action” of hackers to steal NFT on this platform, see our article.

7. Social media – 2022/04/16

TikTok is testing the dislike button in individual comments

The commitment of this social network to providing tools that allow to manage the observable content on the platform is reinforced, and from now on it is not only possible to use the function of hating videos (something that was already there) to indicate to the application that they are not interested in the content passed to them. The “Dislike Comments” button now appears to be available, as well as the option to report a comment for violations of our Community Guidelines, which is a good thing. Check out our article and see how TikTok sticks to this.

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