Telegram gets custom notification sounds, new bot features, and more

Telegram is one of the largest messaging apps in the world and has gained popularity among Android and iOS users for releasing periodic updates and introducing new functions so that the user has a better user experience.

Among the novelties are changes in the appearance of the interface and increased control over files downloaded to the phone’s internal storage. Now, the user can find documents and rearrange albums more easily.

April 11


01 April


Custom alert sounds

You can customize the notification sound with your favorite songs or even sounds that have gone viral on social media. In Telegram itself, the user can select an audio file or an audio message in a conversation to add it to his list of notification sounds.

The feature can be updated from Settings > Notifications and sounds. You can set the volume for each conversation or group you are a part of.

Currently, sounds can be audio files or voice messages up to 5 seconds in size and 300 KB in size.

Custom silence extended

Before the update, it was already possible to mute conversations for 8 hours or two days. From now on, it is also possible to activate Do Not Disturb in a custom period.

In each conversation there is a special menu that manages alerts. With the Mute option, messages come undisturbed by noise, and with Mute you don’t even get a message that a message has arrived.

New automatic deletion list in profiles

The higher the secrecy, custom timers can be programmed so that the conversation is automatically deleted. User can also set some chats as secret.

Replies to forwarded messages

In 2015, Telegram made it possible to reply messages by swiping a certain balloon to the left and reply accurately. In the update, in addition to doing so in private conversations, users can forward and reply to messages, explaining their context.

A revolution in robotics

Telegram bots are already compatible with the update, which makes it possible to process payments across 15 built-in payment providers (with Google Pay and Apple Pay from the start), collect feedback and provide expert notifications to users.

For bot developers, Telegram introduces new tools for creating flexible interfaces using JavaScript. These interfaces can even be programmed to suit each user’s different theme.

Configure management bots instantly

Telegram bots can also manage conversations, add additional features, automate processes, and assist moderators.

Improved translation of messages on iOS

iOS devices now have a better in-app translation feature, similar to Android. Enable translation in Settings > Language to add the Translate button to the message list. The languages ​​you speak fluently can be excluded from this function, also in the settings.

Picture in Picture Enhanced on Android

Any video can be viewed as a picture-in-picture, so you can continue chatting while watching multimedia content.

New animations and animated emoji

The phone number change screen in Settings is made even more interesting with a new look that features animated ducks to help with the process.

Finally, the app has added new animated Emojis. It is possible, for example, to search for Food That Moves and find the emoji in the GIF below:

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