Stubborn? Princess Charlotte throws a tantrum at her father and doesn’t help her brother

Regarded as the richest princess in the world, Charlotte is only 6 years old and no one can deny that she has become one of the icons of British royalty at such a young age. She is the daughter of William and Kate Middleton, and the sister of Princes George and Louis, ages 8 and 3, respectively. The girl does not go unnoticed by the cameras, but rather uses the spotlight to star in adventures, such as sticking her tongue in the face of the paparazzi. The mischievous side of the girl often appears at official events.

According to Cambridgeshire Live, Charlotte is often very rude to her father. On one occasion, she downed young Princess William in a joke. In the episode, she and her parents and siblings were visiting the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 2019. “There is a candid video of all the kids, including Prince George in the gardens,” the site wrote. Part of the recording shows Charlotte screaming excitedly while jumping on a rope swing.


In the background of the video you can hear Prince William’s voice. He commented on his daughter: “Very good, great.” Then comes the moment of the girl’s disobedience. The father asks the heiress to help his older brother. The Duke of Cambridge asks: “Can you help George?” The child responds “no” and continues to play on the swing. It is not today that a girl does mischief in front of her parents. For example, saying that the photographer will not go into the christening of younger brother Louis in 2018.

Here is the video of the tour:

Charlotte said, “You’re not coming!” Upon hearing the heiress’ comment, Prince William looks awkward. Footage emerged of the princess failing to help George as the family attended a Thanksgiving service in memory of the late Prince Philip. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their two oldest children to the religious ceremony on the 29th. Kate Middleton and the girl had a sweet moment at the tribute at Westminster Abbey.

Princess Charlotte, William, George, Kate Middleton and Louis.  From behind, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Christening of Prince Louis, the youngest of the couple in Cambridge
The richest princess in the world

Princess Charlotte, the second daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, tops the list of the world’s richest royals. The 6-year-old outperforms even her older brother and third-in-line to the British throne, Prince George, 8. On the list, the girl is also ahead of her younger brother, Louis, 3 years old. According to a study by Electric Corporation. Riding cars, the child’s net worth is 3.6 billion pounds, equivalent to 27.3 billion Brazilian reals.

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Why Princess Charlotte tops the list? The study found that the girl is ahead of her older brother due to the “Kate Middleton effect”. As the Electric Ride on Cars explained, the phenomenon associated with a girl’s mother suggests that “royal style choices can have a significant impact on trends,” including potential value. The event was also held with the late Princess Diana.

color picture.  Princess Anne and Princess Charlotte
Charlotte star in adventures in front of the camera

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