Porto is devouring the Portimonense club and there’s already “sparkling wine” in the fridge

noExpressive numbers. This Saturday, Portuguese club Porto crushed Portimonense by 7-0 and equaled their best win in the championship of the century. In addition to approaching the title of national champion, the Invicta city crest has put additional pressure on Sporting, who will face Benfica on Easter Sunday.

In a blue and white first half, he scored four goals in 21 minutes that led the Porto team to a “fat” result. Taremi opened the scoring, Grujic expanded, the same Taremi scored twice and Evanilson also wanted to get into the accounts.

Without taking their foot off the accelerator, the Dragons insisted on putting Algarve up against the ropes and continued to increase their advantage. Taremi scored a hat-trick, Pepe hit a half-dozen and Evanelson closed the score with the final 7-0.

Every shot, every blackbird

After the first somewhat “restricted” minutes, it was enough for Porto to concede the opponent’s goal net for the first time, and shortly after that moment, the “ketchup effect” tried to tell the story of what was left of the net. first half.

In the 19th minute, Taremi made the best follow-up to Fabio Vieira’s pass and opened the scoring in a game you hardly know what’s going to happen, even because after nine minutes it will be Grujic’s turn to cash in on the Algarve confusion and fire for his second game – his first of the season.

About half an hour into the match, Lazar carried Otavio on his back and Thiago Martins did not hesitate to point to the penalty mark, which was supposed to be taken by Taremi, who left a message to critics during the celebrations, similar to what happened. Scored in the first goal.

Even before the break, at 40 minutes, Evanelson also contributed to increasing numbers and shooting low to 4-0.

Without taking your foot off the gas pedal…

Sérgio Conceição took advantage of the wide advantage of changing the team, depending on the match with Sporting for the Portuguese Cup, but even that did not change the direction of the game, especially since Paulo Sergio’s team (with many changes compared to the initial teams in previous matches) nor with the indicators at half-time managed to stop opponent attacks.

In the 47th minute, Taremi appeared free in the area and hit a hat-trick in the match after another cross from Fabio Vieira. Soon, it was Vitina’s turn to kick a corner kick straight into Pepe’s head, which increased the difference to half a dozen goals.

The seventh and final goal came at the end of the match, through Evanelson, after he saw Taremi hit the post moments before. Since then, with the substitutions, the game has lost its intensity, but this did not prevent the presence of opportunities.

Grujic and Tony Martinez were close to putting the score 8-0, on the other hand, only Anderson Oliveira tested Diogo Costa’s gloves.

With this result, FC Porto now has 82 points at the top of the championship and is nine points ahead of Sporting, who will face Benfica next Sunday. Portimonense is 12th with 32 points.

game time: The fifth goal of the Porto team at the beginning of the match. Any kind of half-time message will ask Portimonense not to allow numbers to be overloaded. Returning from the locker room and taking seconds to receive a new goal leaves any team “on its own two feet”.


Porto Club: Diogo Costa Pepe, Mbemba, Pepe and Zedo; Otavio, Grujic, Vitina and Fabio Vieira; Taremi and Evanelson

Portmonense: Payam. Lazar, Dacosta, Pedro SA, Movi; Sana, Carlinhos, Henrique Joko; Anderson, Aponza and Fabricio.


This Sunday, the Portuguese club, Porto, receives the Portimonense team, in a match that counts for the 30th round of the first Spanish League, at a time when there are only five rounds left to close the tournament.

In this sense, after the victory in the trip to Guimarães (0-1), the Dragons seek to maintain the winning record recently given, in order to maintain at least a six-point advantage for the second seed, Sporting (who gets Benfica at Easter) .

Portimonense led by Paulo Sergio, after spending four months practically without adding the three points, has managed to return to victories in the final round and will surely have gained some courage for the remainder of the championship.

Sure enough, Sérgio Conceição needs to add at least 10 points (three wins and a draw) out of a possible 15, and for that, the three home duels that still lie ahead could be a huge asset for the last goal.

Therefore, the Invicta City team (with 12 victories and two draws in the Dragon Fortress) will have to overcome the Algarve, which has lost 14 consecutive defeats to the Blues and the Whites. You have to go back to 1987 to remember the last time Portimonense managed to take down FC Porto, so history helps the dragons.

The match is scheduled for 8:30 pm next Saturday, it will be judged by Thiago Martins and you can follow the events of the match, live, on Esporte ao Minuto.

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