Nissan acquires the e.dams Formula E team.

Nissan e-dams

Nissan has announced the acquisition of the e.dams team, and complete control of its participation in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. The team is currently based in Le Mans, France and will continue to compete in the current eighth season. As expected.

Nissan’s participation in Formula E is part of the company’s long-term commitment to electrification and sustainability enshrined in Nissan’s Aspiration 2030 plan. This acquisition represents an evolution in the Japanese automaker’s plans to take full control of the Formula E project.

Nissan joined the series in 2018. Through a partnership with e.dams, the two companies raced together in the 100% electric racing championship under the name Nissan e.dams Formula E Team. In March 2021, the Japanese automaker announced its commitment to the Generation E The third (Gen3) of Formula E, which will start in season 9 (2022/2023) and will run until the end of season 12 (2025/2026) of the championship.

The change in team capital management and the new organizational structure will be effective immediately. Tommaso Volpi, General Manager of Nissan Formula E, will also take over as General Manager of e.dams.

“This is a wonderful moment for us at Nissan and for our fans and customers around the world.” Ashwani Gupta, COO of Nissan Motor Co., said:. “We have been on the racing grid for over 85 years and our desire to win makes us accelerate the more. The more we compete, the more we learn, and the rapid pace of technological advancement driving Formula E will provide us with more opportunities to pass on these lessons to develop better cars for our customers.”

“The acquisition of e.dams team underscores our long-standing commitment not only to Formula E, but also to the world of motorsports as a whole. However, our passion is not limited to competitions. We are also passionate about providing innovative and exciting experiences behind the wheel, demonstrating our commitment to Having Emissions and Sustainable Solutions.This acquisition strengthens us towards our business strategic electrification goals.”

Nissan competes in this 100% Electric World Championship to bring the excitement and fun of zero-emissions electric vehicles to a diverse and global audience. As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations and product life cycle by 2050, Nissan aims to electrify all new vehicles sold by early 2030 in major markets. The Japanese manufacturer wants to use its expertise in transferring knowledge and technology between Formula E tracks and the streets, to deliver better electric cars to its customers.

It’s great that Nissan has acquired e.dams and it makes us think of Jean Paul Driot who, along with Nissan, defined the team’s vision for the future and helped develop our partnership.Volpi said. “Since his death in 2019, Olivier and Gregory Driot have led the team to continue their father’s successful legacy. It was a pleasure working together and I would like to thank them for their commitment and support.”

“This is an important step in our project for Formula E, the ultimate 100% electric racing category, which gives us a global platform for customer engagement, allowing us to prove to them that electric vehicles are fun and exciting to drive and that Nissan remains at the forefront of electric vehicle technology. Really cool entering this category by partnering with e.dams, in 2018. We have made a strong and successful teamwork and have learned a lot from their long experience in this category.We have a great active racing team and look forward to building on our success and experience together as a team as we start this chapter New from our participation in Formula E.”

As Olivier and Gregory Driot commented: “We are very proud to hand control of the e.dams team to a company as committed and innovative as Nissan. We have had many open discussions with Nissan over the past few months and have decided that the time is right for them to take the lead and continue our family legacy, and secure the long-term future of our employees.”

“We have been honored to work in partnership with a global brand like Nissan in Formula E since our father passed away and we are proud of all we have achieved together. We would like to thank everyone in the e.dams operational team for their incredible work and commitment throughout these years and we wish Nissan all the best, not only in this eighth season but beyond.”

About Nissan in Formula E.

Nissan made its debut in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Season 5 (2018/2019), becoming the first and only Japanese automaker to participate in the 100% electric vehicle category.

In the current eighth season, veteran and successful driver Sebastien Buemi remains with the team for the fourth season, having begun his path with Nissan e.dams since the brand joined Formula E, in 2018. Maximilian Günther, a rising star who joined the team in September 2021. The German driver has previously shown great speed in the championship, racking up three race victories and taking second place on the podium.

The team continues to tie its 100% electric championship presence to Nissan’s production series. Buemi is once again competing with his #23 car called the Nissan Ariya, the same name as the Japanese automaker’s new electric crossover. Günther is racing the No. 22, whose Nissan LEAF name pays homage to the brand’s popular electric vehicle, which was launched worldwide in 2010.

Nissan is a global expert in the development and production of electric vehicles that offer exciting experiences. With more than 500,000 Nissan LEAF units sold since the model debuted in 2010, Nissan has used its existing expertise in electric vehicles to develop the Formula E race car.

Lessons learned on the tracks contribute to the development of next generations of electric vehicles by the Japanese automaker, such as the Ariya, a 100% electric, high-performance and elegant crossover launched in 2021.

About e.dams

With three team championship titles, the e.dams team is the most successful team in Formula E. The team has amassed a wealth of experience in 100% electric racing by competing since the series’ launch. The e.dams racing team was created in 2014 by DAMS founder Jean-Paul Driot to compete in Formula E. Working in partnership with four-time Formula 1 champion Alain Prost and Renault to create Renault e.dams, the organization won three team titles and one driver’s title with a win Sebastien Buemi in the 2015/2016 season.

Nissan became a partner and shareholder of e.dams in 2018, at the start of Season 5, to create Nissan e.dams. In their first season together, the partnership resulted in six podiums, five first places, and a first victory in New York with Buemi.

In the sixth season of Formula E, Nissan e.dams triumphed over another pole and five podiums, and its participation culminated in the first victory of pilot Oliver Rowland in this category, in the penultimate round held in Berlin.

In the current eighth season, Buemi is pitted against teammate Maximilian Günther.

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