Magic: The Gathering – Discover the factions and mechanics of the Nova Cabina Street Group

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After walking through intrad With Midnight Hunt, Crimson Vow, and futuristic feudal Japan Cyberpunk Kamigawa: Neon Dynastyfans Magic: The Gathering You are invited to an elegant adventure in Streets of Nova CabinaWhich hides dangerous factions behind all the architectural and Art Deco beauty. Now it’s time to find out more details about this new collection.

city Our new cabin It’s full of art and beauty, but behind all the glee are five criminal families vying for complete control of this city’s streets. In all, there will be 281 cards in Streets of Nova Cabinaall oozing style and strength.

Originally built by angels, now demons rule everything in New Cabina. Amid extravagant parties, a criminal underworld flourishes and war breaks out all over the HelloIt is a substance that enhances magic and affects the beauty of its users.

We will see in history He lives And ElspethLoved by fans, two powerful jet fighters team up to investigate what’s going on in the city, as well as prevent factional combat from turning into a major war with countless casualties. Will they be able to achieve this goal?

Amid this confusion, players will be able to ally themselves with one of the city’s five factions: Darkness, Connectors, Riveter, Cabaretti or mediators. Each of them introduces a new game mechanic, which brings more fun and developments.


For the dark, information is power!

White, blue and black They are the mana colors for this faction that believes information is power. Darkness are skilled magicians who enjoy deceiving, manipulating and blackmailing their enemies, using their magic to create illusions and control the situation.

Mystery Mechanics cover up, allowing the player to draw a card by discarding another card. If the discarded card is not a ground, you can add a +1/+1 counter for the creature that has activated this ability.


Maestros kill for the most magical things in life!

Having mana colors Blue, black and red The Maestros will defend you Kill for the brightest things in life. The art-enhancing ancient vampire faction is the home of elite secret assassins, focused on preserving ancient Kappina culture.

Bring the mechanics Littleit is possible for a creature with a power of N or greater to be sacrificed for a spell associated with that ability to be copied.

the riveter

The riveter always gets the job done!

with sisters Black, red and greenriveter Always quit work. Known for using brute force to get what they want, they are also endowed with unparalleled ingenuity which, in practice, makes them masters of intimidation, brutality and destruction.

It’s their mechanics raidsallowing creatures with these abilities to use them for an alternate cost, gain speed, and allow them to draw a new card when they die – but for that to work, you’re the one who needs to sacrifice it at the start of the next round.


The Cabaretti faction believes that fun isn’t free!

bring the sisters Red, green and whitethe Cabaretti faction believed that Fun is not free. Formed by a sect of priests famous for organizing the most glamorous parties in Nova Cabina, this faction also wields power over the people far beyond lavish parties.

Therefore, the mechanisms of this group are alliancewhich activates a certain effect when another creature enters the battlefield.


Moderators encourage you to read everything very carefully!

with sisters green, white and blueMediators encourage you to toOh everything very carefully. Known for handling the legal cases of Nova Cabina, a group of questionable lawyers secretly pursues a terrifying prophecy about the end of the world.

From the mechanics they present shield. If a creature with this ability is destroyed or taken damage, the player sets the shield counter.

Check out more details on assembly mechanics in the video below:

The new collection, which is scheduled to be launched in April 28 In the MTG Arenawhich will arrive a day later in physical form, with draft boosters, assignment boosters, and collection boosters, as well as attribute boosters for each faction and commander decks for each crime family.

Are you ready for this new chapter of Magic: The Gathering?

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