Learn how to sign up for Flockr, the pet’s social network

Many say that dogs are man’s best friend, that cats are moody, that birds love to sing all day and that hamsters and rabbits are very cute. The truth is that a large portion of the world’s population shares their daily space PetsAnd they need general care, affection, attention and even entertainment.

For this reason, many products Made for pets And above all, to the humans responsible. They are collectibles, amenities, and even technology solutions that generate engagement and interaction with other people and pets.

This way, if you have a pet at home, you can’t miss out on any super novelty! Now your pet can have a profile on Flora social network entirely created for your best friend, with the right to share photos and interactions of all kinds.

Want to know more about it? Stay in touch! In this text, you will even learn how to register on the platform by following simple steps.

Learn more about Flockr, a social network dedicated to pet routines. (Source: Flockr / Reproduction)Source: Flocker

Flockr: A social network dedicated to pet grooming

In general, Flockr was created to solve a problem. Due to the large number of pets, such as dogs and cats, available for adoption and the many skepticism among teachers, the app was developed with the thought of building a support network among animal lovers, who could eventually share tips with other people, thus creating healthy bonds.

In addition to the basic mechanisms of an interactive social network, the platform offers a list of options focused on information related to animal health. It is possible to follow vaccinations, medications and other issues that will bring practicality and more quality of life into your pet’s daily life.

According to data collected by software developers, in Brazil, 95% of people who have a pet guarantee that the health of their best friend is very important in all respects. In this way, the application allows teachers to be more relaxed in everyday life, especially when a health problem is detected.

Imagine going to the vet and remembering to take all the documents that contain the animal’s history. With the app at hand, all of this will be just a click away, making the service the most flexible. Reminders can also be programmed through the Flockr functions, which is useful to avoid forgetting.

Practicality and comfort for your pet can be found on this social network.  (Flockr / Play)Practicality and comfort for a pet can be found in this social network. (Source: Flockr / Reproduction)Source: Flocker

How to register in Flockr for free?

Available for Android and iOS, Flockr can be accessed in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. By creating your pet’s profile, photos can be shared in various ways, including filters, stickers, and captions. You can also follow other animals and like their photos.

Although the free version already offers great benefits to the users, there is still a premium plan with advanced functionality. In the health field, there is a digital vaccination card, weight log, medication reminder, scheduling appointments with the vet, and walking logs, among others. On the social network, you can interact with the community in different ways, share and like photos.

In this way, enter the App Store on your device and download it. It will not take more than a few minutes depending on your internet speed. Then, right on the main page, the app will ask you to make the first access, either by email or Facebook. If you choose email, enter your name and password. If it’s through Facebook, you’ll only need to authenticate access if you already have the app registered on your device.

Browse Flockr's feed and view lots of photos of other pets.  (Flockr / Play)Browse Flockr’s feed and view lots of photos of other pets. (Source: Flockr / Reproduction)Source: Flocker

Once the login is complete, enter your pet’s details. Enter the pet’s name, choose a username, select the type (cat, dog, others) and also the breed, if any. You can also, at first, put a photo of the pet in the profile. If you are not interested in this option at the moment, you can skip the step to do it later.

The last step of registration refers to the follow-up of other animals in the community. Those with the highest engagement on Flockr are the first to appear. You can search for your friends in the search bar and also share your pet’s profile among them. To customize the account, just complete the registration and look for the side menu, where features related to the health of the pet will also be available.

Did you like the news? So be sure to install the app on your smartphone with your pet’s profile!

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