Israel successfully tests laser interceptor system

Technology has been particularly important in the development of modern weapons, especially defense systems. One of the countries that has a lot of experience with this device is Israel. The country has already shown how its security dome works against enemy missile and missile attacks. Now the Iron Dome will be enhanced with laser technology.

The country has successfully tested its new silent, invisible and “low-cost” defense system that intercepts missiles with lasers.

Iron Beam comes to increase the security of the Iron Dome

Although the Israelis do not use highly sophisticated military technology, the technology they use has proven to be very effective. The Iron Dome (or Iron Dome) was surprised when it was used as a defensive barrier against Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli territory, about a year ago.

To protect itself from air attacks, Israel decided to do this using laser technology. The war it launched against Hamas resulted, according to reports, in an attack with more than 4,000 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Therefore, to increase its air armor, the Israeli government announced that it had successfully tested a new missile defense system, the Iron Beam.

According to its Ministry of Defense, the technology was able to neutralize various targets using a "high-energy laser". She even shared a video to show off the results.

The iron beam is intended to complement the battalion in Israel, which includes in its arsenal the Iron Dome, also capable of responding to enemy attacks.

The system successfully intercepts drones, shrapnel, missiles and anti-tank missiles in various scenarios. It is a major advance in integrating laser technology into the defense system of the State of Israel.

He referred to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's team.

As we saw last year, the Iron Dome system is highly efficient and, according to the Israeli authorities, achieves 90% of its goals. Its biggest problem is that it is expensive (costing tens of thousands of dollars per shot), and it is precisely this weakness that the Department of Defense wants to solve with the iron crossbar.

Photo of laser shooting to shoot down missiles against Israel

Iron Beam, silent and invisible defense costs only $3.50

And the Israeli authorities said that this system will greatly help not only in the defense of their country, but also in financial affairs. That's because if an attacker in Gaza wanted to launch a missile into Israeli territory, it would only cost him a few hundred dollars, a minuscule sum compared to the tens of thousands that Iron Dome spent to neutralize it.

With Iron Beam, that account will go down significantly.

It may sound like science fiction, but it's true. Iron beam junctions are silent and invisible, and each only costs about $3.50.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said.

As reported by the Associated Press, apart from the Israeli government's messages, little is known at this point about the effectiveness of the laser system. It is expected to be deployed by land, sea and air, and distributed along Israel's borders over the next decade.

In February Bennett explained that his team plans to start using the device in about a year.

If a missile or missile could be intercepted with just a few dollars' worth of electrical impulse, we would have negated the ring of fire that Iran has set up on our border. The economic equation will be reversed. They will invest a lot and we will invest a little. This system "can serve our friends in the region, too."

He was watching the prime minister.

The tests, now shared by the Israeli executive and which, Bennett says, position the country as a leader in defense, were conducted last month in the Negev desert.

These systems were already coveted by European Union countries. Recently, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said that Germany is considering purchasing an anti-missile system, and that Israel's Iron Dome technology is on the table.

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