football | Carvoeiro wins Bembosta in the final of the Enatel Cup (audio and pictures)

Carvoeiro Sports and Recreation Group 1 – Bembosta FC 0

Inatel Santarém Foundation Cup 21/22 – Semi-finals

Campo Uniao de Lamas, in Carvoeiro (Macau) – 04-15-2022

Since the 2013/2014 season, GDR Carvoeiro has not had an active football team of 11 teams, namely in the Inatel League. The enthusiastic announcement of its revitalization in 2020, however, the pandemic situation that has stabilized around the world has only allowed this season to return in the current season which is now nearing its end with the defining moments being discussed with taco tacos with anyone. If your opponent is on your court or on someone else’s ground.

The semi-finals of the Inatel Cup took hundreds of people to the União de Lamas stadium in Carvoeiro. Photo: José Belém /

Almost nine years later, ‘icing on the cake’ happened on Holy Friday, when all roads led to Campo União de Lamas (the renovated and hospitable ‘Escaravelhos’ home in Mação municipality) to welcome the experienced and always tough team of Bemposta Futebol Clube, on Hope making history.

Great human skeleton in the game between Carvoeiro and Bemposta. Photo: d

Both logos had the idea that it was an all-or-nothing game, and in it one of the only two tickets to the Fundação Inatel de Santarém Cup final, to be held in Alcaravela (Sardwal) on May 8th.

Carvoeiro (Macau) and Bemposta (Abrantes) battled for an emotional Inatel Cup semi-final match. Photo: José Belém /

The hovering 30-degree sun rose on a sweltering afternoon, making throats dry, and as the game approached, the hustle and bustle of the local club bar also filled with fans on both sides, eager to “soften” their vocal cords. had to come. Indeed, none of the clubs lacked support throughout the match.

Referees and captains of the respective teams. Photo: José Belém /

Just in time, referee Antonio Henriques started the match as the home team gave some space to the visitor who was overlooking the “space” of Leonardo, the home keeper. In the ninth minute, Menotti managed to score, and tried the “hat” that came to shade the crossbar from Carvoeiro’s goal, even giving a sense of the goal.

It was the first big warning to locals who saw Luis Espdinha unbelievably miss a goal for Bemposta who was already celebrating in the bench area with a yellow spot. 16 minutes have passed.

Carvoeiro reacted with a good opportunity, after 20 minutes, when a small break was made for the athletes to refresh themselves…. It was really a hot day.

A very well-balanced game between two good teams. Photo: José Belém /

Carvoeiro’s side, who had lost a bit in the first half of the first half, seemed to have enjoyed the break and began responding to the infamous Bemposta’s supremacy in the opening minutes. At the end of half an hour of play, they won two consecutive corner kicks, but in both, they failed to make the necessary adjustments. Just as the adjustment to the second post, on the other side, failed in a David Silva free kick asking for a deflection, which it did not. After a corner, the local goalkeeper had to apply himself, avoiding serious damage to his nets.

In the 35th minute, Bembosta’s men claimed a penalty for an alleged deflection of the home athlete’s arm. In fact, there was contact, but the referee did not indicate that the skewed shot hit the athlete too much, and he did not have time to respond.

A highly contested game with dangerous shots at both goals. Photo: José Belém /

As the first half approached, Bemposta was trying to move another result into the locker room, but at a good level, Leonardo Silva would defend safely whenever he was called upon to do so.

The first half arrived with the same result as the match started, highlighting the superiority of Bemposta’s yellow cards and with Carvoeiro’s goalkeeper in goal showing qualities that would be decisive in the outcome of the match. But here we are.

The large audience supported their teams from start to finish of the game. Photo: José Belém /

The rest time for the three teams on another pilgrimage to the pub was used for fans of both clubs to hydrate and freshen their throats for what was left to play. Certainly, not many saw the resumption of the match as the host team presented itself with a different attitude, continuing to grow until the end.

Between halftime, the score is empty, it’s time to refresh the second half of the challenge. Photo: José Belém /

After 11 minutes of resuming the “duel”, the host team had everything to open the active, first with a powerful shot from Sérgio Penela in which Ricardo Dias blocked with a powerful chance, and on the counter, with the ball and the goal. At their mercy, Jorge Mancinho hit the ball, squandering Carvoeiro’s best chance of the entire match so far.

Until the 13th minute, when everything changed in favor of “Escaravelhos” by entering the Rodrigo Ribeiro stadium instead of João Filipe. From that moment on, the home team thought it was possible to win the challenge in the original time, with this change due to entering a very fast lead (also working on the right wing).

Carvoeiro’s team advanced on the field and Rodrigo Ribeiro, along with Jorge Mancino and Sergio Pinilla, took the match towards the opponent, with well-designed plays and good technical style. Bemposta, at this time, was having difficulties falling back and playing up front.

The second half started with a bigger rise for Bemposta but Carvoeiro had a trump card in the bank. Photo: José Belém /

With a quarter of an hour passed, Pinella fell inside the area in a dangerous and confusing move, but that was not a reason for a technical repair by the match referee, who ordered the match to continue. After the show and after the protests, Mancinio saw the yellow card.

Carvoeiro kept insisting, playing after play, until the goal came that made the already dry throat “explode”, but they held it for the moment. Rodrigo Ribeiro (the man involved in the 13th minute) said that which came half an hour after the start of the second half. In a high quality single move, he crossed the right lane of his attack and without asking for permission, he managed to target Bemposta’s goal with a good shot into the far post of Ricardo Dias which extended well but without a chance to defend.

Festa do Carvoeiro with a goal that will be decisive in determining the tie. Photo: d

The party was held inside Escaravelhos and their supporters with the goal of putting Carvoeiro in advantage at their best moment in the match.

Rodrigo Ribeiro’s goal ignited the match in Carvoeiro. Photo: d

But two minutes later the stands were still boiling with emotion, Bemposta responded with all his strength and determination because the result did not suit them and within the local area referee Antonio Henriques revealed a defensive cut with his hand and without any doubt, a penalty in favor of the team from the Abrantes municipality.

A highly contested game in which the goal limit the fate of a tie. Photo: José Belém /

There was little objection from the men of Alexander Marquis who accepted the decision of the “Whistle Man”. Only ninety seconds passed his target and his trajectory changed, starting to turn yellow. A moment of great tension in the stands and within the four lines. In two minutes the game can change. But, Thiago Nobre called for the maximum penalty (32 minutes of the second half) to be transferred to the defense of Leonardo Silva.

Once again, Carvoeiro’s supporters celebrated as if it was their goal themselves. A bitter blow to the Bemposta hosts who saw a potential moment of joy turn into sadness.

Carvoeiro’s goalkeeper saved a penalty and the team knew how to defend their advantage until the end. Photo: José Belém /

With the idea of ​​the necessity of keeping score, Carvoeiro’s men went down the lines trying to catch an opponent who, in vain, tried to the end to face what would become the outcome of the match. With more heart than head, the final minutes (a ten-minute break due to the many stops in the second half due to injuries and small ‘mistakes’) were definite desperation on both sides, of course with different goals.

Carvoeiro scored a goal and defended the bullets with his teeth and nails. Photo: José Belém /

After a false alarm at the end of the match, which was already preparing to party and conquer the field, the referee ended the semi-finals of the Fundação Inatel Cup, where Carvoeiro beat Bemposta by the smallest difference. There could have been more goals for both teams and even the final decision on penalties will adapt to what happened on this hot evening on a holy day, but the most effective team that won, scored a goal without conceding.

With the final whistle, Carvoeiro’s supporters unleashed the joy of reaching the cup final. Photo: José Belém /

Safe judging by the trio who traveled from Torres Novas with another move that was difficult to judge, but without affecting the final result. A sampling of just two yellow cards for Carvoeiro’s players (one for protest and one for the scorer to take off his shirt in celebration) indicates the confidence they faced in the semi-final match.

Thus, the first finalists for the Fundação Inatel Cup were determined. Carvoeiro Figuernese, winner of the other semi-final match on Easter Sunday between Bayern and Juventud Figuernese to determine the destination of Caravella (Sardwal), will face GPS on May 8th.

game sheet:

Carvoeiro sports and leisure group:

Carvoeiro team. Photo: José Belém /

Leonardo Silva, Felipe Rocha, Miguel Costa, Fabio Vicente, Francesco Fonseca, Bruno Antunes, Ricardo Alves (hat), Joao Felipe, Maicon Barbosa, Jorge Mancinio and Sergio Pinilla.

Subs: Thiago Pereira, Bruno Martins, Rodrigo Carmona, Ricardo Dias, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Rodrigo Oliveira and David Dias.

Coach: Alexandre Marquez.

Bembosta Football Club:

Bemposta team. Photo: José Belém /

Ricardo Dias, Carlos Gaspar, Thiago Nobre, Pena, Pedro Pequeno, Hugo Emedio, David Capaco, Joao Oliveira (hat), David Silva, Luis Espdinha and Menotti.

Subs: Guilherme Silva, Duarte Paredes, Thiago Dias, Marco Martins, Jaime Joyce, Luis Santos, Artur Machado.

Coach: Nelson “Kalor”

Target: Rodrigo Ribeiro (Carvoeiro).

Referee team: Antonio Henrique, Pedro Moreira and Sergio Morogo

The referee team was in good shape in a match where the players were not complicated either. Photo: José Belém /

In the end, with completely different feelings, we listened to the coaches as well as GDR President Carvoeiro

Alexandre Marquez, coach of Carvoeiro
Luis Quintas, President of Carvoeiro
Nelson Kalor, Bemposta coach

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