Dog gets stuck at airport after airline loses documents

The guardians of Jack have been without news of his condition for more than 48 hours (Photo: Bruna Estefanen Costa/Personal Archive)

Moving to London, a Brazilian couple had a nightmare transporting their pet, a bull terrier named Jack. After much confusion regarding the correct procedures for boarding the animal on an international flight, the owners discovered that the airline KLM lost the dog’s documents in transit. Without the documents necessary to release the animal into the country, Jack is trapped in an animal reception center, with no access to his owners.

It all started in January, when the journalist Bruna Estefanen Costa It was executed from her work and transferred to the English capital. Already imagine the bureaucracy that will take your dog with you, he began the procedure for transporting animals four months ago.

“The UK has a policy that only animals are allowed in as merchandise, and because of the pandemic, the only company doing this transport is KLM. So they have a monopoly on the market and it’s expensive: 4,000 US dollars (about 21,000 Brazilian reals) for just one animal,” says the teacher.

The couple even hired a company specializing in the export and shipment of animals, Embarpet. They collected all the necessary documents for the Bull Terrier’s flight, which was supposed to take place on January 26, 2022. However, a week ago, the airline called the teachers and said that the breed was not accepted in the country, and later admitted that they were wrong.

But the errors did not stop there. KLM reported that the bull terrier was a dangerous breed and, therefore, had to be transported in a wooden box with specific procedures, which Bruna and her husband, Diego Augusto Zimenes, had ordered to make on the spot. On the 26th, he went to Guarulhos airport and waited 4 hours for customs clearance from the Ministry of Agriculture.

“But when it came time to board the plane, KLM said we would have to send them the box measurements to confirm the flight. They said it wasn’t in the correct measurements and Jack couldn’t travel. This was the second one,” Bruna says.

Then they waited another week to receive the new measurements indicated by the company and the work of the new wooden box. Meanwhile, Diego had to make his trip, which was already scheduled, leaving Jack in the care of a company. On Monday, January 31, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines confirmed the flight.

“We got a third measurement of the shipping crate. We made the crate; we have videos of him and all his documents taped to the top of the crate, plus food and medicine and all the things Jack was supposed to take during the trip,” says the journalist.

The dog was finally able to climb on the 1st of February towards Amsterdam (Netherlands), where he spent 8 hours on the flight. When they arrived in the UK, the couple was unable to reach the pet because, according to reports, KLM had lost documents that had been pasted into the transport box. Without them, Jack could not be released in the country.

“So now, in addition to not having a record of him for 48 hours, we don’t know how he is, if he’s treated well, if he’s been fed…we have no idea what’s going on, nobody from KLM is responding to us. They can’t find these.” Documents. And what makes me angry is that a friend went through the same situation six months ago with KLM, who lost the documents of her two dogs. They were in the same situation as Jack for 5 days,” says Bruna.

According to the journalist, the friend’s case was only resolved after activist Louisa Mill reported the case on Twitter and after filing a lawsuit against the airline. “Obviously they haven’t learned anything,” he says. “We are disgusted with the treatment of KLM and the fact that they are charging exorbitant fees for a service they cannot provide.”

Bruna told us about Jack’s situation on the way to the airport, hoping she could meet him, but we were told she couldn’t see him. The condition had an aggravating factor because the animal had atopic dermatitis and was left without medication for 48 hours. Because of this condition, the dog feels very itchy and can hurt itself.

“We were really worried because there was the case of a little dog that went missing on a connecting flight in Brazil and two dogs who died because of LAtams. It’s so ridiculous for animals to be treated as baggage, it just doesn’t make sense and goes against any kind of animal law.” We are working with NGOs here in the UK to see if we can do something and change some of the behavior that airlines have to have in transporting pets,” says Bruna.

On Thursday afternoon, the third, Jack’s documents were found in Amsterdam and are due to arrive in the UK at 22:00 local time. This means that the dog has to spend another night in the detention center, because the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (the equivalent of our Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) does not operate 24 hours a day.

“They didn’t give me any news, just that I was being treated well, they promised me pictures and videos. I’m still waiting,” Bruna says.

Thamires Felix, Embarpet’s chief operating officer and co-founder, says cases like Jack’s don’t usually occur in her company’s routine, although there has been a case of missing documents with KLM before.

“Jack left Brazil as live cargo and traveled unaccompanied on the first day – a London requirement for animals to enter. He got there last night and the initial removal was handled today by the place of a freight forwarder hired by the teachers themselves. We sent Jack, we took care of transportation, health documentation and mediation with The airline, but he established contact in Amsterdam because there is no direct flight to London. In this regard, there were internal problems with KLM and they stopped sending the original documents to London, which complicated the process of transporting the animal there,” he explains.

“It is an uncomfortable situation for teachers and especially for a pet. But we at Embarpet are trying to provide all the help and support needed. We have already contacted all KLM heads to be able to follow up closely and deal with this issue with responsibility, seriousness and priority,” says Thamer.

Regarding what happened, KLM has positioned itself as follows:

“KLM is aware of the above case and deeply regrets what happened. The company understands that this is a stressful experience and realizes that transporting animals comes with great responsibility. The company will contact customers to obtain more information about this shipment so that it can properly investigate what happened.”

Status updates

Just yesterday (3), Bruna was able to get Jack’s medicine and food to the airport. The lost documents also arrived in London, but the nightmare of the Guardians is far from over.

“There is a rule for importing and exporting animals which is very complicated but
Basically, you say you need to microchip the animal, give the rabies vaccine, and after 30 days, do a serology test to prove that the dog is not rabies, because this is a disease-free place. We did, and we followed all the instructions of Embarpet – the company we hired to help us with this documentation. They went through the dates when everything had to be done; We did everything right and submitted an application for international documents to our ministry,” says Bruna.

However, despite the animal shipping company being reviewed and approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the UK’s Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) reported that there was only a 29-day gap between the ingested vaccine. Serology performance. The rule states 30 days. For this reason, the animal will have two options: either to be deported to Brazil or to spend three months in quarantine in a local institution.

“This is unacceptable. It was a terrible mistake by Embarpet, which claims to be an expert in this, as well as a mistake by our Ministry who approved the documentation. It is also a new mistake by KLM who reviewed the documents. Jack is brought here. A nightmare I can’t even Explain it,” says the teacher.

Fearing the stress and extra cost of bringing the dog back to Brazil and not knowing if he would eventually return to London, the owners chose to quarantine at a center set by the British government. Bruna and Diego will be able to visit the animal for two hours every Saturday.

About what happened, Embarpet commented:

“Faced with this unpleasant situation, we are making it clear that we are all upset too. Therefore, at Embarpet we have collaborated with our departments to resolve this ordeal that has occurred with dear pet Jack and his parents. And for that we are and will be at their disposal in, we also want to make it clear that we have never forgiven ourselves. It is our fault, and it should be noted that all documents referring to Jack’s pet have gone through our audit as well as by all the bodies responsible for the release and logistics of the pet.We reiterate that we will never fail to offer all solidarity and assistance to the pet and its family! Embarpet have the animal welfare and comfort, however, we will provide all immediate support to the teachers, incur the costs of quarantine and do what is necessary to shorten the release of Jack. We thank you in advance for your understanding and from this moment we will focus on them only in resolving this predicament!”

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