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On Tuesday, Amazon submitted (28) files Astro, a robot that looks like a pet A move for the company to “turn science fiction into reality,” in the words of one of its managers. In addition to a new virtual assistant, a smart camera and a child-oriented device. (See more details below).

The tiny robot has a screen that mimics facial expressions through its “eyes” and several sensors, making it able to follow people and even navigate on its own inside the house.

Initially only available in the United States, as desired by the manufacturer The product serves as a companion for the elderly, for example.

Astro, Amazon’s pet-like robot – Image: Disclosure

The MSRP costs $1,500 (R$8,100 at the current rate), but people who sign up and who are selected to try it out first will pay $999 ($5,450).

It is possible to make video calls, watch movies and series through its screen and use all the other features of the Alexa voice assistant, which answers questions about the weather, plays the news, among other functions.

The robot has a camera for video calls – Photo: Disclosure

The robot also has some safety related functions. It will integrate with Amazon Ring services available in the US and He will be able to “guard” the house while its owners are away.

If it identifies potential intruders or hears noises such as breaking glass or a smoke alarm, it can sound an alert. The images are transmitted in real time by an application.

The back has space for holding items – the manufacturer hopes that other companies will develop accessories. When not in use, it stays in a station that replaces its battery – however, details about its autonomy have not yet been released.

In terms of privacy, Amazon says that the Astro’s camera, microphone and motion sensors can be turned off with the push of a button, and that it is possible to designate “off-limits areas” that the bot cannot enter.

Astro robot, from Amazon, has a screen and camera for making video calls – Photo: Disclosure / Amazon

Amazon has released other announcements, including a new virtual assistant, the Echo Show 15. The product, which has the largest screen among the company’s devices, is designed to hang as a frame (either vertically or horizontally).

Echo Show 15, Amazon’s new virtual assistant – Image: Disclosure

Its interface is customized to include a series of blocks with information that changes according to context, such as a to-do list, reminders, and a calendar.

There is a preview mode that displays only images and it is also possible to make video calls and watch movies and series. The product will be sold for R$ 1,899 in Brazil Although the price has been revealed, the company has not revealed when it will be available.

Aimed at children, Glow has a camera for video calls and a projector that displays games, children’s stories, and other content on the roof. Some theatricality can be mixed with physical objects.

Amazon Glow – Photo: Disclosure

The company said it created the device by thinking of ways to keep children entertained while interacting with relatives, who can play together through a tablet, even from a distance.

The product is only available in the US, and the suggested price is $299 (R$1,620). The first units will be for “guest” customers who will pay $249 (1,350 R$).

Another intriguing product Amazon has featured is the Ring Always Home, a solo-flying security camera around the house.

Ring Always Home – Photo: Disclosure

The product is contained in a box inside the home and can be activated for travel in preset routes remotely, via cell phone. Images are also streamed through the app.

Ring Always Home is only available in the US and the first units for “guest” customers will be $249 ($1,350).

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