Agostinho Patrus says the Zema government is not living up to its obligations

“I cannot expect anything different from a ruler who does not really know the teachers, nor the sad situation of chemical dependence in our state,” says Agostinho Patros. (Photo: Guilherme Bergamini / Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais)

The tense relationship between the government of Romeo Zema (Novo) and the Legislative Assembly of Minas has acquired new chapters in recent days. Despite the objection of the Tiradentes Palace to the payment of additional adjustments to the health, security and education staff, state representatives overturned the decision. Zima, dissatisfied, even compared MPs to parents who “let a child do drugs.” “This government has no word,” he refutes, in an exclusive interview with Estado de Minas, President of the Legislative Council, Agostinho Patros (PSD). “I can’t expect anything different from a governor who doesn’t really know teachers, nor the sad situation of chemical dependence in our state,” he says.

Despite criticism from the group of deputies, Agostino was the main target of Zima, who accused him of having a “personal project of power”. The governor, who was re-elected in October, commented on his setback with the fact that the speaker was the front-runner to be a deputy candidate on the Alexandre Khalil (PSD) ticket in the state elections. Although he is aware of the possibility of doing double duty with the former mayor of Belo Horizonte, the deputy denies basing his legislative actions on electoral criteria. “In early 2021, it was [Zema] Who came to me to be his deputy, two years before the election. Anyone worried about the election is here,” he ensures.

Agostinho believes that if activated, the court would maintain the additional health and safety increase of 14%, on top of the 33.24% awarded to teachers. He comments on Zema and says the government “doesn’t even have 20 votes in the council”. In the session that called for a veto analysis, the Executive managed only three positive aspects – most of the Allied base abstained from voting.

According to the head of the assembly, who left PV and joined the PSD, the current state government is in a “real” relationship with Parliament. “We will not be able to reach the solutions that Minas desperately needs” with closed doors of dialogue.

The week was marked by another problem between the government and parliament. This time, about additional adjustments in health, safety and education. The government will pursue the case. Do you trust the support of the decision of the House of Representatives?

And 55 out of 77 deputies voted to abolish the veto. In other words: the government does not even have 20 votes in the council. Parliament has the final say in the legislative process, as it is the most representative authority for society as a whole, among the 22 million miners and miners. Therefore, I think there is no need for a trial. If the government was able not so long ago to propose the same amendment for public security, why does it not adhere to it now as agreed in the minutes of the meeting with the representatives of the class? This proves, once again, that this government has no word, and that it does not honor its obligations. I have no doubt that the judiciary, if provoked, will exercise its independence and analyze the matter in accordance with the principles of the Constitution of Minas Gerais.

How did you receive Zima’s statement, in which he compares the veto of the amendments to a father who “let his son do drugs”? What is the direct criticism directed to you by Altrosa TV?

I had no other feeling than bewilderment and bewilderment. However, I couldn’t expect anything different from the ruler who doesn’t really know the teachers, nor the unfortunate situation of alchemy dependence in our state. I can only imagine how the public health and safety professionals who have risked their lives in this pandemic felt by this completely absurd, but above all, how it felt for the father and mother who are fighting, daily, to get the child out of the drug world. It is an enduring reality that affects hundreds of families in Minas. The ruler should be more aware of his words. About what he said about me: I was not the protagonist at the center of the cassation. As I said, the government has barely 20 votes in favour. It is irresponsible to make an agreement and then break it. Also, Zima who only last year spoke about the elections. He is obsessed with this narrative that there is no justification for his government’s inability to engage with Parliament and the civil service, including, in early 2021, the one who sought me as his deputy, two years before the elections. Who worries about choice here it is. Another fixation of this government is to speak of the former states. We need to stop looking back and start looking to solve current problems. See how the ways. How is the government proud to launch a highway program in the last year of its tenure, in the midst of an election period? shameful! He’s spent his entire term doing nothing on the roads and now he wants to rally and make more empty promises. Miner in the asshole.

Your name is constantly associated with the position of deputy on Alexander Khalil’s ticket to the government. How do you get this possibility? Is there any chance of this coming to fruition?

I am very honored to be cum with Khalil. But much remains to be determined, both at the national and state level, that this issue can be closed and the partnership formalized. I think in 30 or 60 days we will have a better defined scenario to decide on the composition of the panels.

Was the proximity to Khalil the reason you left PV and went to the PSD?

I left the party, after more than 17 years, because of the determination formed to form the party union [com PT e PCdoB] at the national level. Moving to the PSD brings more independence for the party to determine its record in disputes over the state government and the Senate. But, of course, the proximity to Khalil, [Rodrigo] Pacheco (President of Congress) and [Alexandre] Silvera (Senator) was also decisive. I am very honored to be able to form this group of experienced and competent people, who have already done so much for Minas and Minas Gerais.

Why has the relationship between the government and the council deteriorated to this extent?

Be transparent and honest with Parliament because of this government’s inability to talk. There were many moments when state representatives put aside their ideological and partisan differences to implement the agendas put forward by the government. We voted on Administrative Reform, Codemig Dues Watch, Pension Reform, and the Vale Agreement; Finally, several projects of interest to the government. And what did they get in return? Accusations, lies and intransigence. With closed doors to dialogue, we will not be able to reach the solutions that Minas desperately needs.

The governor, Alterosa TV, said joining the tax refund system will not happen this year. Do you have a similar opinion?

The current text of the draft accession draft was submitted for financial recovery by the government in October 2021, after Zima submitted two more texts with completely different contents in March 2021 and at the end of 2019. Thus, the analysis of the proposal fell, twice, squarely. First, prolonging discussions by parliamentarians. The fact is that, so far, there is no consensus for us to take the project to the plenary for analysis, either because the RRF is a complex proposal, with immediate impact on a series of state investments, or because the government has not been able to lay a sufficient basis for approval. Compliance with the RRA will be only the first measure, which will result in an appreciation of wide-ranging controversial matters, including Codemig privatization and administrative reform. The Council will not relinquish its responsibility and independence in discussing issues of interest to the people of the state with the necessary time, participation and maturity.

Amidst the quandary that potential judicialization of additional mods creates, what can you say to servers?

I can say I’m sorry for the way the government handled this. Conversely, the association has demonstrated maturity in promoting dialogue and reaffirming its commitment to improving the quality of education and the health and safety of the population. Only then will it be possible to write something truly new in the history of Minas Gerais.

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