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Pets need routine entertainment and fun. Picnics and activities that stimulate their instincts are essential to a pet’s physical and mental health, as well as ensuring a better quality of life. Vet Mateos Faveiro, from Sorocaba (SP), spoke with st 1 He gave tips about toys and games to introduce to pets.

According to the professional, dogs have a greater need for activities, while cats are satisfied with toys and less intense stimuli, but they all need to expend energy. These activities provide a sense of well-being for pets and make them calmer, and can also eliminate unwanted behaviors, such as excessive barking, meowing, and attacking objects in the home.

The frequency of activities depends on the pet’s lifestyle. Matthews explains that it is necessary to consider whether the animal has the company of another pet, for example aspects of the space in which it lives and how long it goes without its teachers.

For pets that have a companion of the same type and access to an appropriate yard for their size, your vet recommends playing or walking for at least one hour each day.

Animals that spend a lot of time alone or just indoors need more stimulation. In this case, it is recommended to promote the activities two to three times a day to give them quality of life.

Tips for playing and games

Matthews says cats are more selective than dogs and it is necessary to test to see which toys they like best. Among the options are chests, pitch, scratching posts, balls, sticks, and more.

“Toys such as balls and scratching posts can be left around where the animal is, because those who like these things usually play without being stimulated. On the other hand, toys such as a stick promote a greater and more interesting stimulus for these species, as they require interaction with the teacher.” Games in which they can hide and play hunting also stimulate their instincts a lot,” he explains.

The wand is a toy that entertains cats – Photo: Mateos Faveiro/Personal Archive

For dogs that live indoors, one option is tug of war, which requires only a rope, easily found in pet stores.

“This toy, in addition to stimulating your dog’s instincts, promotes the expenditure of a lot of energy. Contrary to what they say, this toy does not encourage the animal to be aggressive,” says Mateus.

Also, according to the pro, throwing the ball to the dog is a great physical activity. Another option is to hide the animal’s favorite food around the house, encouraging it to search for it all over the place. Teaching basic tricks – such as sitting, lying down and scratching – is also an activity that makes dogs spend their physical and mental energy.

Playing with the ball encourages dogs to expend energy – Photo: Mateos Faveiro/Personal Archive

More intense games should be stimulated in animals within ideal weight and in places where the floor is not smooth, as they can cause orthopedic problems.

Outside the home, dogs are naturally stimulated, using one of their basic instincts: smell. “Outdoors, there are many scents that only dogs can sense, and using scent to track them greatly stimulates mental activities,” Matthews says.

There are also places that offer an obstacle course for dogs to enjoy, such as Pet Place, common in gated communities. In these places, the veterinarian reminds you of the need to take the pet only with an updated vaccination card.

How to choose play

When buying toys for your pet, it is important to make safe choices. According to your vet, toys that fall in pieces and may have sharp or sharp edges should be avoided. In addition, white leather bones are not recommended due to the risk of breakage and improper fit for pets.

“Rigid nylon dog bones are perfect for distraction. They can be nibbled at will and when you release pieces are so small that you don’t end up harming the animal. For cats, sticks with things on the end are excellent as long as there is no danger of swallowing that thing or even part of it. ‘, he instructs.

Toys that stimulate pets bring physical and mental health benefits – Photo: Mateos Faveiro/Personal Archive

For puppies, it is recommended that you introduce certain toys at this stage that are smaller and softer.

Games can also be improvised. Pet bottles with cereal make dogs fun. These homemade cardboard scratching posts can please cats. Matthews instructs teachers to constantly monitor objects and dispose of them when they are dangerous.

“It should be noted that these homemade toys are not loose pieces and do not have sharp parts. These agents can cause anything from mouth injuries to more serious internal injuries or even blockages. An easy and attractive option is to lick, or even nibble, fruit jelly, Thus it distracts them,” he says.

In the home of Thai public servants and dogo aikido, these recommendations are strictly followed. The couple, from Sorocaba, are Tutors Ruth, 1 year, and Olivia, 9 months. In addition to daily walks around the neighborhood, the pets have plenty of games to enjoy. Their favorite is the edible bones.

We try to prevent the rubber toys from tearing up and swallowing them. We also throw away edible bones that get very old.”

Puppies Ruth, 1 year, and Olivia, 9 months – Photo: Diogo Aikido/Personal Archive

Hygiene care

Toys should be sterilized whenever they are apparently soiled, after picnics or when they come into contact with a space used for a pet’s needs. According to the vet, cleaning is simple: soap and water or detergent.

“If your animal has a structure of worms, the ideal is to clean the toy and keep it until the treatment prescribed by your trusted veterinarian is finished. Because the environment can be polluted and, therefore, end up contaminating the toy, causing the animal to display the problem again. “.

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