A Porsche customer’s passion for a very unique shade of green

The color chosen for each car was a very important theme for the brand and part of the Porsche experience.

The vast majority of models throughout their extensive history have always had a color palette available with many different options and the ability to create something unique and different, if the available options were not enough. But for a particular customer of the brand, there is a shade that has become mandatory for its models, here re-engineered by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in creating the new 911 Speedster.

Green tones have a really long history in Porsche. Ferry Porsche himself had always wanted to paint his company’s cars a subtle, elegant green, such as OakGreenMetallic, OliveGreen, EmeraldGreenMetallic or Brewstergreen. It is a tradition that Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, because even today, there are many cars in his private collection that are painted in the same shades that his father chose more than half a century ago.

It was precisely one of those models that sparked the passion we’re talking about today. On a visit to the brand’s museum, a Porsche customer discovered this 993 Turbo S that Dr. Porsche still enjoys driving on Austria’s Grossglockner mountain.

Painted with the code 22B “Brewstergreen”, the structure was love at first sight and the start of an ongoing obsession with this rare and exquisite paint scheme. “I’m not a big fan of metallic colors and the Brewstergreen technology captivated me because it was underrated“He explains.”It looks black in some environments, but when viewed in good light, the green doesn’t go unnoticed.“.

The times that followed were so busy for these customers and for the Porsche Exclusive Manufacturer that they were asked to paint a Brewstergreen paint job for the 911 Turbo S (991.2) and also for the 911 GT3 Touring shortly thereafter, with trials including Noto Green in the cabin and British Racing Green around rims.

The combination was perfect and the model that followed was a 911.2 Speedster, so the customer decided to fly to Zuffenhausen for a more customized setup. Along the way, he received information that there was a hatch available for a custom “Paint to Sample” by Exclusive Manufaktur and without any hesitation, it was immediately decided that the bodywork would receive his preferred shade, Brewstergreen.

But this time, the configuration went even further, and in the cabin, every possible element of customization adopted the Noto Green tone that you had already experienced in the GT3. And for the wheels, Brewstergreen was also selected, but with a silver rim for contrast.

From putting paint and leather swatches at lunch to see how they interact, to seeing the drawings, it was an experience like no other.He remembers. “There were small details that really enhanced the overall experience, beyond the car itself. I was able to see it before it left Zuffenhausen and get to know some of the people who worked on it. His passion and happiness to work on the project made him feel like a special occasion.“.

The result is a distinctive vehicle that fits one man’s passion, but is also a reflection of the dedication and skills of the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur team, which includes the customer every step of the way. “It was an honor, a pleasure and a privilege to make my dream come true.‘, says the owner.I am more than satisfied with the end results, and as you can see from the mileage and wear on the leather, I love getting out and driving. The trip was so unique and personal that I could never see myself leaving. It’s a combination that may not please everyone, but for me it is perfection.“.

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