5 useful tips for traveling by car with your pet

During the pandemic quarantine, pet adoption has taken a big leap — and the time that owners can stand without a pet has gone down. The many months at home have made people more attached to animals and traveling without them has become difficult.

Journalists, travel and gastronomy bloggers Luísa Dalcin and Rafael Sette Câmara, of ondecomerebeber.com, who used to travel nearly every month before the pandemic, can no longer stay away from Whiskey, the 12-year-old sausage dog.

Credit: Personal ArchiveThe choice of destination should take into account the structure of the desired place

“We always travel by plane a lot and cannot carry it in the cabin because it weighs more than what the airlines allow. In the light of this pandemic, and due to isolation, traveling by car has become the most viable option, and with this he began to accompany us,” says Luisa.

Being aged whiskey has less energy and tires easily. For a married couple, one of the most important points to take your mate on a trip is to be aware of the animal’s character and circumstances, so that it does not expect more than it can give.

#Turnkey tip: Always remember to wear a protective mask, walk with gel alcohol, respect social distance and only leave the house if necessary! If you belong to an at-risk group or live with someone who needs extra care, avoid personal tours. the situation is dangerous! Let’s take care of ourselves to get out of this pandemic as soon as possible. sum?

“Some are more agitated on a daily basis and will not rest inside the car. Others tire or run out quickly and will not be companions on intense trips, up and down the slope,” notes Luisa. “Knowing what to expect from your pet and adjusting the script for it is key to avoiding pressure on both ends.”

How to find hotels that accept your pet

Booking.com and Airbnb both have search filters that show if a property is pet-friendly. However, it is always a good idea to confirm before booking a flight, and contact the venue. The couple cautions that “some places mistakenly activate the pet category, or only accept certain types or sizes of animals.”

Pets travel by car

Credit: Personal Archive Whiskey in Diamantina, Minas Gerais

It is worth noting that accommodations do not usually allow pets to be left alone. “Those who decide to travel with a pet should keep in mind that they will accompany them at all times, as it is difficult to leave them in a hotel, house or apartment. They may find the place strange, frightened, crying, barking, which, in addition to being very stressful, can also It generates complaints in the neighborhood.”

How do you go out to eat with a pet?

Pre-searching for pet-friendly restaurants and bars isn’t as effective as it seems. First, because many places you don’t, in theory, can be an exception when you arrive with a pet, especially if the house isn’t full. And second, because places that accept animals may not necessarily be a conducive environment for them – they may be busy, for example, or have loud music.

“It is not enough to be pet friendly, it must be comfortable for the animal, with space, little movement and low music. This kind of thing can only be guaranteed by checking the place in person,” the blogger explains.

Credit: Personal Archive Another important tip is to find out if the accommodation chosen is pet-friendly

The spouses recommend leaving the accommodation with pets and observing the places, and then deciding where to eat, without prior organization. “With the pandemic, placing tables on the sidewalk, outdoors, is becoming a more common thing, and this facilitates access for pets who cannot enter the enclosed environment.”

Pet friendly destinations for car travel

Choosing a destination should take into account the structure of the place for the dogs, the climate (if this is the rainy season, it can be difficult to go out with the pup), the size of your pet and the lifestyle of the family. A campground, for example, with many waterfalls, can be dangerous for a small animal, which is not used to adventures.

“It is worth noting that beaches can be inflexible with regard to the presence of animals, while historical cities such as Ouro Preto, Diamantina and Paraty, which used to be on the sidewalks, are very pet-friendly destinations. Monte Verde, in Serra da Mantequera, is also good choice “.

Here are five tips for traveling by car with your pet.

1- Make an appointment with the vet before the trip

In the same way that we conduct a check-up before long flights, it is important to check up on your pet before you travel. This way, you avoid worrying about it in a strange city, where you don’t have a reliable clinic. Take the opportunity to confirm the medication and the dose he can take if he feels sick and drowsy in the car.

2 – Choose a known destination

Especially when you are for the first time on trips with your pet, it is best to choose a destination that you have already visited without your pet. “When you go to a completely new place, there’s a rush of attractions, a list of things we want to visit, and a little animal can limit that plan a little,” Luisa says.

Traveling to a familiar place is usually at a slower pace, your pet can keep up, and you won’t be too frustrated if you miss a sightseeing.

3- Keep water, food, medicine and toys close at hand

When packing, remember to leave a bottle of water, a container for your pet to hydrate, and some foods, snacks, favorite toys, and treatments for motion sickness in the glove box or handbag. If you notice your pet starting to get anxious or stressed, keep rolling with the toys until it’s your scheduled stop time.

4 – Flight schedule with stops

Leave designated cities on your route for scheduled stops every hour and a half or two so your pet can do its business and roam more often. The more he walked, the more tired he returned to the car and the more likely he was to sleep soundly.

5- Traveling with company, if possible

In cases of unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to solve the problem urgently and it is better to have someone to leave the animal with, so as not to make things more difficult. The company also helps when developing a plan for taking care of a pet: if you want to visit a tourist place that does not accept animals, for example, you can leave it in the care of another teacher.

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