5 Reasons To Own A Sausage Dog And Other Curiosities!

Want a companion dog? The ideal partner is dachshundacclaimed and much loved hot dog. Present even in famous brands, such as the mascot Cofap (a company in the auto parts sector, founded in 1955), Cofapinho, a beautiful brown compound.

A Cofap ad from the ’90s.

born in Germany, for the purpose of hunting burrows, that is, having a long snout, can easily find, due to their highly developed sense of smell, the burrows of small animals – such as rabbits, hares and badgers. Effective in sudden attacks on its prey.

The Germans were looking for a dog that was resilient, strong and small in size to be successful in their hunt. From there came nine different types of sausage dogs. After some time, he arrived in England and was part of the English court – a fact that made this type of dog even more famous.

Historians even say it is an ancient breed dating back five thousand years, in which images similar to a sausage dog were found inside the tomb of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

Along with Caramel Virra-Lata, it is one of the Brazilians’ favorites. And other countries too, like the Americans. The representative of this race appears in episodes This is a 70’s show. It is very easy to recognize someone on the street. Famous even in popular culture.

“Why is the dog on the bench? Because he likes to be tall”, free translation of the speech in the language This is a 70’s show.

Long and funny, we will see below, what are the reasons for owning a dachshund or sausage.

5 reasons to own a dachshund, a sausage dog

1. loyal

In happiness and pain, this dog will be by your side. It is a very loyal and companionable breed to its owners.

2. Balanced mood

Obedient character, very friendly and enthusiastic about their teachers. This does not prevent them from keeping their roots hunting, always on the alert and have an enviable nose.

3. Socialization

Easily social dogs. Very calm and loving, as well as being quite independent. They work on balance, demand attention when they want it and are more alone when they need space. They’re always ready for play or your next walk time!

4. Don’t advance in visits

Many people are afraid of getting a puppy that does not adapt well to visitors. The Dachshund does not do this. They have a habit of barking a lot, but once they get used to it, I guarantee they will steal your heart! It is a great choice for those who have children at home.

5. Cleanliness and maintenance

It’s a very clean breed, and doesn’t make much of a mess. They shed hair, but not in large numbers. If you have chosen a tall coat, it is necessary to brush the coat daily – thus, we avoid the appearance of knots and complications in the animal.

And because they are small, they don’t eat much either. I want to warn you that they are a little greedy! And they’ll always ask for a piece of whatever you’re going to eat!

Sausage dog facts

“Sausage”, affectionately called on the Internet, her body is measured not by her weight, but by her chest circumference – which ranges from 30 to 35 centimeters. They are excellent swimmers and fishermen.

Its life expectancy is among the highest in the canine world, exceeding 12 years. It is very common to see some over twenty years old.

The first official mascot of the Olympics was a sausage dog, my father, at the 1972 Games – in Munich, Germany.

Cherie von Birkenhof, the sausage dog who inspired the creation of Waldi’s mascot. | Photo: reproduction.

During World War I, the breed’s popularity declined dramatically because it was associated with Germany. There are reports of dogs being killed in the United States simply for being of this type. In the comics, some political cartoonists have used this little dog’s drawing to make fun of the German state.

There are currently some categories of dachshund racing in the United States, Wiener Nationals. Some examples are Wiener 100 (in Pittsburgh), Dachshund Dash (in Huntington).

Many celebrities call them “sausage”. Among them, we have the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who had the lump. Director Danny DeVito and football coach Hernan Crespo also have a sausage boyfriend.


By Rebecca Cimino – Speak! Kasper

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