The journalist’s father is optimistic about his son’s recovery

Published on 16/04/2022 07:19

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About 20 hours after robbery attempt Against journalist Gabriel Louise, the civil police of the Federal District have identified and arrested the perpetrators of the crime. One of them, a minor, was arrested in the southwestAnd Jose Felipe Let Tonhuly, 19, was arrested in Cruzeiro Velho. The authorities and entities representing journalists expressed their support The reporter and his family. Civil servant Wilton Luis Araujo, Gabriel’s father, told mail Who is satisfied with the arrest of the suspects and, above all, with the development of the clinical condition of his only son.

DFTV Editor Gabriel Luiz was attacked by two people late last Thursday night, near his apartment complex. There were 10 stab wounds to the neck, abdomen and left leg. The 17-year-old involved in the attack was arrested late yesterday afternoon, around 5:30 p.m., and taken to the Asa Norte Children and Adolescents Police Station (DCA 1). Akbar, aged 19, was arrested shortly afterwards, around 7:30 p.m., when he arrived at Precinct III (Cruzeiro Filho) surrounded by policemen to testify.

At a press conference, the unit’s deputy commissioner, Douglas Fernandez, stated that the operation was an attempted burglary. revealed that the Criminals used Rohypnol, drug to treat sleep disorders, then decided to “go out and steal.” The duty delegate, Peter Fisher, reported that Gabriel went out for a snack, and when he returned home, he began to be followed by those concerned, as he quickened his pace.

Fisher also said that the minor hit the victim with a naked rear choke, at which time the older stabbed her during the fight. “While one of them was stabbing, the other managed to steal his wallet and cell phone,” he said. Also, according to him, both of them stated during their testimony that they did not know the journalist. “She was a potential victim, chosen while the criminals were on the run,” the sheriff said.

In his statement, Tonhole said that after the attack, he threw his cell phone into the street, fearing that the device would be tracked. “The wallet had documents, some cards and 20 R$, but he admitted he had put up R$200,” Fernandez said.

False theft

Fisher reported that the minor was arrested in a strange way. According to the delegate, The young man “invented” it one person stole it who used the knife, also in the southwest. He was at a friend’s house in the area, and went to DP 3rd with the colleague’s mother to record a false incident. The story raised the suspicions of the police officers involved in the journalist’s investigation. “He showed a lot of inconsistencies in his testimony,” Fisher said.

Speaking with the unit’s civilian police officers, the boy pointed out inconsistencies and ended up admitting his participation in the crime. The policeman said, “At first, he was denying it. He said he didn’t even know about this crime, but later said that he was actually involved and that it could have been a hereditary motive.”


Civil servant Wilton Luis Araujo, Gabriel’s father, told Corio newspaper that he was relieved that the suspects had been arrested, above all, with the progression of the clinical condition of his only son. “We are very relieved. We are satisfied with the actions of the civil police, who moved quickly and arrested the thieves. The police did their job very well and very effectively,” he said, adding not to believe that the repercussions of the crime would have motivated it. This effort. for the company. “I don’t think there has been a change in the police position because of the repercussions of the case,” he added.

Welton said he had not been in contact with the suspects arrested yesterday, and said that of course, following the directions of the sheriff who is presiding over the case, he was unable to provide further details about the investigations. He left the hospital where his son was hospitalized around 9:10 pm, when he spoke to the reporter. He said he visited his son, but they did not have the opportunity to speak because of the intubation and anesthesia. “We feel more relieved that the treatment is working. God willing, he will be with us soon.”

the case

On the night of the crime, Gabriel Louise was supported by the doorman and neighbors in the condominium, until the firefighters arrived. When the ambulance of the fire department arrived at the scene, Gabriel was lying under the marquee, still conscious, while neighbors tried to contain the bleeding with bandages and makeshift bandages.

According to the institution, due to the proximity of the southwestern group and the place of care, the army arrived quickly, which greatly reduced the loss of blood for the victim. The organs most affected by perforations were the diaphragm and lung. Injuries to the liver, stomach, pancreas and left hand were also injured. Gabriel was taken to Hospital de Pace in serious condition, where he received a visit from his father.

In that unit the journalist underwent overnight surgeries to contain the bleeding and hemorrhage in the internal organs. After the interventions, he was transferred to the Brasilia Hospital in Lago Sul. Staff involved in this transfer reported that it was necessary to reduce sedation enough for him to get up, talk to the team and ask about his injuries. Gabriel also asked to write a note, in which he asked for the schedule, where he was on duty, and also thanked the doctor for the efforts.

absence of security

Yesterday morning, the reporter was in the building where Gabriel Louise lives. The long blood trail still stained the pavement. Videos from the security department show the journalist running 10 metres, and after being stabbed, he was supported by a doorman who called the fire department.

According to Al-Bawab, who asked not to be identified, the place is usually safe, although residents of the area claim otherwise. “People who work at night are scared because most crimes happen at that time. But there is never there. In fact, the building is close to shops, so I always keep an eye on the street, to see if anyone can enter, but never anything,” he said.

One block resident, who asked not to be identified, was another to say the area is usually quiet and well controlled. “It’s weird that this kind of thing happens. I wasn’t home at the time of the crime, but I was very scared today at the news,” she said, noting that she always wanders around at night using her cell phone.

Wesley Chrysostomo de Jesus, the manager of the building where Gabriel lives, said he has worked on the site for 14 years, and that crime records usually relate to theft of tires or vehicles. “What happens is more tire theft during the day, in the parking lot in front of it. But this kind of crime involving theft, it was the first time,” he said, adding that the buildings’ security is done 24 hours. day. “The doorman and the company that provides security services to the building are always well-oriented regarding these events, both during the day and at night. It’s a very quiet neighborhood.”


The authorities and bodies representing journalists in the country expressed their support for the reporter, Gabriel Luiz and his family. The Governor of the Federal District, Ibañes Rocha, recorded through an official note that since hearing the shocking news he has been following up on the situation of the journalist.

“While I hope for a full recovery, I would like to thank the efforts of the DF Fire Department, who responded promptly to the incident; the servers of Hospital de Base/Iges DF, for their dedication to service in the face of such a delicate situation.; and to the Minister of Public Security, who located the suspect them in the crime within hours. I pledge all my solidarity to the family of Gabriel Louise at this time,” the PSD chief executive said.

The President of the Federal Senate and the National Congress, Rodrigo Pacheco, was the last to express his support, through his Twitter account. “My solidarity with TV Globo reporter Gabriel Luiz, 28, who was stabbed last night in Brasilia. I am in the crowd for his speedy recovery. I hope the crime is thoroughly investigated and those responsible are punished,” he said.

Press organizations also expressed their disapproval of the attack on the journalist, including the Brazilian Press Association (ABI), the National Federation of Journalists (Fenaj), the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji), and the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters. ), all of whom provide support to family members and demand that the authorities investigate the facts quickly and duly punish those responsible.

Additional reporting by Pedro Ibarra, Pedro Mara and Jader Resende

  •     04/15/2022 Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press.  Brazil.  Brasilia - DF - Southwest, the building in which Gabriel Luiz, the Rede Globo reporter who was stabbed, lives.

    04/15/2022 Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press. Brazil. Brasilia – DF – Southwest, the building in which Gabriel Luiz, the Rede Globo reporter who was stabbed, lives.
    Photo: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press

  •     Credit 2022: Cloning / Security Camera.  Video showing the attack on journalist Gabriel Luiz in Brasilia

    Credit 2022: Cloning / Security Camera. Video showing the attack on journalist Gabriel Luiz in Brasilia
    Photo: cloning / security camera

  • pri-1604-press attack

    pri-1604-press attack
    Photo: pri-1604-attack-journalist

  • Knife used in crime against journalist Globo

    Knife used in crime against journalist Globo
    Photo: Material given to the post office

Reflection, repercussions

The case of journalist Gabriel Louise has caused major repercussions among entities associated with the press, government and public figures. The National Union of Journalists (Fanaj) urged speeding up the process and noted the escalation of violence against journalists in the country. “It is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation into the motives for the crime in order to clarify whether it is related to professional practice,” the entity said in a note.

The Federation of Professional Journalists of the Federal District (SJPDF) has used social media to demand seriousness in the investigation. We hope that the case will be thoroughly investigated. All our solidarity with our colleague as we urge him to recover as soon as possible,” he posted.

The Brazilian Press Association (ABI) also expressed concern about the motive behind the crime. “It is not yet known whether the crime – recorded by video cameras – is linked to Gabriel’s professional activity, but it is part of an unacceptable case of hostility to journalists and increasing violence in the country, prompted by demands from the federal government. The ABI has demanded that police authorities seriously investigate the attempted murder and make it clear in As soon as possible “.

The University of Brasilia (UnB), where the journalist is trained, the DF Health Department and the DF Department of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/DF) also disavowed the incident. In official memos, they demanded rapid investigations, confirmation of what really motivated the case, and wished the reporter a speedy recovery.

Both the Secretariat for Public Security (SSP-DF) and Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), chair of the Senate Human Rights Committee (CDH), also deplored the case and stated that they would monitor investigations closely to investigate the motives for the crime.

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