Seixal’s new pet grooming kit includes only vegan, biodegradable, and cruelty-free products

Here, Al-Jahiz keeps their beauty routine updated (and thinks about the environment).

There is no longer any doubt: more and more pets are treated as real members of the family. In fact, for the vast majority of owners, the sky has become the limit when it comes to ensuring the well-being of the Jahes and that is why it is not surprising (and perhaps reconsider) if we say that they are often treated like children in the house.

From strict food care to walking and physical activity, and from vet visits to taking care of vaccinations, these are some of the mandatory care owners are keen not to give up. However, to ensure the animals are healthy and happy, there is one more thing to keep in mind: the beauty routines of our four-legged friends.

To help, on November 13th, a new space opened in Seixal where our canine and cat friends can let out their scent and tidy. It’s called The Lord Grooming & DogHaircut and it’s not just another shower and grooming concept in the county. It’s only here, environmental awareness – as well as animals – does not stop at the door and everything has been thought out in detail so that this principle is applied to every pet that enters the door of the store.

“The Lord Grooming is a shower and hair salon where we prioritize the love of animals. The Lord has the concept of being cruelty-free to animals and that’s why he also has that vegan side. In this sense, everything we use in regards to cosmetics is vegan and free. Plus, we only use disposable towels, which is a detail that few people in this area apply,” we began explaining NiS’s Sandra Fonseca, 41.

In fact, it was Sandra who conceived and created this project after a moment that marked her life forever. After more than a decade with his dog Boris as his companion, he had to make the difficult decision to get rid of him. It’s the ending that brought hope to tap The Lord Grooming & DogHaircut, which today is not only a tribute to Boris but also an innovative and successful concept across the region.

This is Noah, the youngest of Sandra’s dogs.

In a conversation with New in Seixal, Sandra Fonseca revealed that she previously worked in another area, but the desire to have her own business and that was in an area she really liked. So, for about two years, he divided himself between the profession he was working on and the bathing and cutting course that would become his future work. However, he also got specializations in some breeds and in 2021 he finally decided to open the shop.

“This idea came about a year before I opened and I only did it when I felt I had created the necessary strength and courage, because it takes courage to open a business in the midst of a pandemic. After that, the process also took longer because I wanted to shop in this place and there were no shops to rent here. On this street and that’s where I wanted it,” he explains.

Then it was just a matter of thinking about a different concept of space. Since Sandra is a vegetarian, she knew she wanted to bring a different awareness to her shop. And I did. Clients come to Lord mainly to shower and mow, but the services don’t stop there.

It’s also on sale pet food, which matches the concept because it doesn’t test on animals, as well as some vegan products like dry shampoo, sunscreen, and conditioner. There are also other accessories such as collars, leashes, mattresses, and dog beds. Nothing in the skin of course.

New in Seixal also wanted to try to understand the average price that practiced in The Lord, but the truth was that it was impossible to determine. “I like to evaluate a dog before giving any value, because that depends on a dog’s coat, if it has a lot of knots, and on its behavior, in short, on a lot of things,” Sandra explained.

To give you an idea, however, if the pigeon is with a small dog (up to five kilograms), the values ​​can vary from 20 euros to 60 euros. It all depends on what the owner wants the dog to do, from moisturizing to maintaining the fur and so on. It is still important to know that everything depends on the work, the coat of the dog and even its behavior.

Not all animals have their tails wagging when they see water, shampoo, and dryer. As the founder of this grooming shop in Seixal told NiS, “There are many dogs that go through some trauma related to the bathroom or hair dryer.” In these cases, the official explained, she makes them fill their feet with water first, almost like a spa, until they get used to it. If the problem is with the dryer, avoid the highest power.

This concern for animal welfare is another pillar of the Bathing and Shearing Center. “This is the Lord’s main goal: well-being. Because I know that with all the treatment we give the animals themselves get used to it and the next time they come back it will be different and calmer,” he concludes.

Due to the pandemic, if you want to book a service, call 581 935294. You can also go to the store, Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 AM to 1 PM and from 2:30 PM to 7 PM. If you prefer, you can also access the Instagram page of this haircut project from Seixas.

Then click on the gallery to learn more about The Lord Grooming & DogHaircut space.

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