Saga Corretora brings pet insurance to market powered by SUTHUB | SEGS

With home insurance options, the broker launches new products with the technology and expertise of the startup

Saga Corretora announces another result of partnering with SUTHUB, a startup responsible for monetizing any digital channel with sales of insurance and financial products, in developing new products to market. The launch of Saga Pet follows the growth of the insurance market in Brazil, which according to data from the monthly summary issued by the Supervisory Authority of Private Insurance (Susep), the sector’s regulator, raised 26.05 billion yen in January, which is 6.5% more than the same month last year.

By focusing on this market, the broker, which has been in a respected position in the insurance business for 30 years, can now start investing in new products in partnership with SUTHUB. Thus, e-commerce has been created for products that go beyond home and auto insurance. The idea is to offer a much wider catalog of products starting with Saga Pet in partnership with Amigoo Pet, which operates par excellence in the entire veterinary care chain, from consultations, examinations, surgeries and even funeral assistance. Now the customer can rent this aid online from start to finish, ensuring safety, better health and quality of life for pets and their parents.

“We value the Saga Group’s confidence in our work and partnership to develop products together that serve the company’s audience. The insurance market is experiencing a great moment, as people are increasingly looking for products that not only fit their pockets but also fit their lifestyle. It is a digital transformation moment for the market, and it is essential and a pleasure for us to be a part of that,” said Marcos Watanabe, Chief Technology Officer at SUTHUB, the company that leads the development of Susep’s System of Operations Recording (SRO), considered the basis of open insurance in Brazil.

“We started partnering with online selling home insurance in July 2021 and now, we’ve expanded our car products, and what’s new at the moment is helping pets. Our goal, still this year, is to launch new products, such as those that include bike insurance. Strategic use of the SUTHUB platform is essential to ensure greater flexibility in the development and launch of customized products, complete security in the exchange of information and data with our customers.It is a company that has shown us the security and agility of the system developed, ensuring a clearer and faster interaction with the end consumer, says John Kennedy Santos, director of insurance and unions at Saga Corretora.

The company expects to launch more products online this year, such as Bikes, Business, Life, etc., that have already been marketed by Saga, but are not yet available for virtual contracting on the broker’s site.


Grupo Saga is a national company founded on November 29, 1972. Expansion and development mark the history of Saga from that date, whose main advantage over the years has been the outstanding performance of the company, as a market leader, in which it operates. Today it has more than 120 agencies spread all over Brazil, with 7 shopping malls operated by Saga Malls and with Union and Insurance Broker since 1983. It always strives to expand services to clients while ensuring quality and outstanding service.


Founded in 2017, SUTHUB is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that accelerates “time to market” for digital selling of insurance through pre-connected products, as well as being highly scalable, leveraging the use of predictive bidding and artificial intelligence algorithms. With an investment of 10 million yen, the platform has built a B2B2C ecosystem for insurance and assistance companies, banks, retailers, online platforms, fintechs, payment methods, brokers, and channels. As a leader in the American continent, it is already present in the main channels of the Brazilian market and began its internationalization in 2021 with the opening of a branch in Europe.

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