Meet the pet influencers who are making a small fortune through their social networks

In times of social media, even pets can be influential. That’s right, digital influencers. Bono the dog, Jamon the pig and Chico the cat all post fun moments every day.

According to decode data, in 2020, animal videos have more than 150 million views on Youtube. But the pet’s success goes beyond the Internet and reaches large numbers in the bank account of its teachers. According to Folha de São Paulo, the profiles of these animals on social networks can earn R$80,000 per month.

Revenue arises not only from engagement generated by publications, but also from fees received by advertising from popular brands.

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Bono the dog was successful for the first time after tapping the waves on his skateboard. The 10-year-old Chocolate Labrador has already gained over 240K followers on social media, is a show on the OFF channel and on Youtube, in addition to being BMW’s first pet ambassador.

Jamon, the 95 kg piglet, is also successful on social media: with more than 50,000 followers, he has a licensed collection of jewelry with pendants, sneakers and backpacks. Paid posts on the Instagram of the influencer pets are worth about R$5,000 per month.

Cats also occupy the Internet and conquer thousands of followers on social networks. At the age of nine, Chico reached the 500,000 followers mark on Instagram and even won a book and a bio to be called by her own name. The cat even has WhatsApp, with which it responds to fans and accepts advertising offers.

How do you make money with a pet profile?

With the success of many pet influencers, the initiative to create pet profiles on social networks is becoming increasingly frequent. But to get good engagement, educators need to be creative and understand monetization tools. Check out some tips:

1 – Perfect your profile

The first step to entering the world of online animal influencer is to create an attractive profile. The username should be easy to remember. If the animal’s name is more complex, the advice is to invest in a nickname or something to do with the pet world.

The description, known as “vital,” should bring in information about the location, the owner’s name, and even the things the pet likes. These details are important for establishing a connection with followers, however, gaining importance on the platform.

2 – Create creative content

Photos and videos are the main content of profiles on social networks, especially on Instagram. Through them the user of the platform will get to know the pet and charm it. For this reason, invest in something creative that expresses the pet’s personality, such as its funny behaviors and routines.

One of the tips that should stand out on the networks is to follow the main trends in the world of pets. Tools like Google Trends can help produce relevant content in a segment. It is also possible to stay “inside” trends by following relevant profiles on networks.

3- Use of liquefaction methods

There are many platforms to help those who want to monetize content on social media. Some of them offer options that help you reach more people and also generate revenue.

For those venturing into Youtube, for example, it is possible to use Google Adsense, a tool developed by the search engine that allows a channel, blog or website to benefit from advertising.

By posting the pet material on the channel of the video sharing platform, it is possible to present ad pieces of brands in the world of pets. For every click or view, the channel owner receives a percentage.

Piggy Jamon has over 55k followers on Instagram – disclosure

On Instagram, the ways to monetize content are varied. It is possible to sell advertising space on the platform to brands, present their informational products, and save lives to buy dollar payments through stamps donated by followers.

In TikTok, pet profiles are monetized in a similar way to the previous one. The first alternative to making money through social network is to enter ad pieces generated by TikTok ads. However, to qualify, you must have more than 10,000 followers.

Lives, or live broadcasts, are also ways to make more money from the social network. The live videos, available to users with more than 1,000 followers and seniors, allow fans to send gifts called rubies and diamonds, which are later exchanged for money.

Another alternative for those looking to make a more relevant account on TikTok is Creator Fund. The platform intends to pay content producers directly for the videos posted. The system is rolled out across all app accounts to encourage users and pet influencers to continue producing audio and video pieces for the app.

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