Joao Marquez lives a troubled life with depression and the death of his father

In the idolsthe Portuguese surrendered to business Joao Marquez. The contestant touched the hearts of Anna Bacalhau and thousands of viewers. However, behind the good mood, the Ídolo de Portugal candidate hides his past full of depression, telling a friend to a weekly magazine.

Music was his grandfather’s ally to fight the depression and night terrors that sometimes tormented him before his father’s death. “Before his father passed away he had a severe depression. He would wake up in the middle of the night terrified to say he didn’t want to die. I had already come to the psychiatrist because of this problem. He turned to music, which is really important to him,” revealed Joao’s colleague Marquez for Joya TV.

Now psychologically accompanied by the recent loss of his father, João Marques decides to take part in “Ídolos” to achieve his great goal: to surprise everyone around him.

He’s already taken a theater course with the actress Carla ChampFor, he is part of a theater troupe and has now received four “yes” from Anna Bacalhau, Martim Souza Tavares, Joanna Marquez and Tatanka. Those who know him say that he is “Harry Potter, a friend and a very determined and inquisitive boy, who searches everything on topics of interest to him,” the same post presents. “He loves to be on stage, sing and act. I am sure he would very much like to participate in a series like ‘Amor, Amor’, which revealed the contestant’s friend Ídolos.”

John lost his father eight months ago

The young man from Mim Martins, 20, who chose to play Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”, which was dedicated to his father, who died eight months ago.

Antonio Marquez was a fado singer, and now, it is known that he died early, at the age of 60, of a heart attack. Weekly magazine spoke to a friend of the SIC candidate who said, “Joao’s father had heart surgery and went home. One night, it was around 3am, he woke up with chest pains and died that morning.”

“He had a heart attack. Joao was at home and so was his mother. There could have been some medical errors after the operation. It was very difficult for the whole family. His mother, Helena, is also very sad, but she remains focused and busy with work. She works a lot. It was also very difficult for the older sister, Telma, who works as a nurse in Germany,” João Marques’ friend revealed to Mais TV.

‘Idolos’ competitor ‘gets psychological support’

It was his father, Antonio Marquez, who encouraged Joao to fall in love with the guitar. And it was Father’s machine that Ídolos’ rival insisted that it take the preliminary test. The recent loss caused the candidate to need psychological help. “Joao had moments of denial. It was enough to just lie at home and listen to the elevator of the building that he thought his father had come to. But of course he wasn’t. He receives psychological support from a very good person, which helped him a lot”, said the same Seddik Publishing.

“Ídolos” aired last Saturday, April 9, and João Marques touched all viewers from the very first moment he appeared.

He began by saying, “I lost my father yesterday seven months ago, grief makes us act in completely different ways and I act on impulse.” The contestant in “Idolos” pleased the judges: “It’s a salute. By the way, I play the guitar because it was my father’s instrument, this guitar belonged to my father. He was a Fadista,” he revealed to the four judges, visibly.

“You touched me so much, I am still very emotional. You touched me,” said Anna Bacalho. Martim Souza Tavares highlighted the young man’s story as “impressive” and saw it as “a prism of light.” “We can’t even get halfway through what this song means For you. We were here to watch a tribute to you. It showed impressive depth and complexity.”

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Text: Mariana de Almeida; Images: clone SIC

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