Highlighting sports, Juba realizes her dream of building his own house: “You could think it was worth it” | sports

“I’ve always dreamed of having my home, my car, and helping my family. And it’s happening today. Thanks to a lot of work, a lot of effort.”

says the athlete.

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Luciano Juba with his family, in the backyard of his grandmother’s house, Croza – Photo: Emerson Paixão / Globo

In the 18th minute of the second half – a goal from inside the area by Luciano Juba do Sport against Santa Cruz

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Juba grew up in the Curado I neighborhood – in Jaboatão dos Guararapes – in the home of his grandmother Maria Creuza. He lived next door to the champ as he took his first steps in football and was always in love with his grandmother. Today, he chose to stay close to him.

– She’s a warrior. Raised me from a young age. I’ve always loved living next to her, so I bought the house near her to always be next to her. – Calculate left back.

Luciano Joba’s house, in Corrado 1, under construction – Photo: Emerson Picsau/Globo

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Luciano Juba’s house is located opposite Curado I campão. It shelters the sand mound at the entrance gate because there is still a swimming pool under construction at the back of the plot. But the kitchen and the living room, for example, are ready. Decorated with pictures and T-shirts of Juba’s Professional: Sports and Confianca.

The living room of Luciano Juba’s new home – Photo: Emerson Paixão / Globo

Luciano Juba in the area where the house’s swimming pool will be built – Photo: Emerson Paixão / Globo

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This trust is part of Juba’s life. Because he has always relied on his family as the basis for success. Grandma Maria Croza, who is so proud of her calf, has become one of the biggest supporters of silver in the house. She wore the T-shirt and spoke a few words at her door as she received her grandson’s hug.

I just want to cry and cry. I always believed in him – the account.

Maria Creusa, grandmother of Luciano Juba, next to him – Photo: Emerson Paixão / Globo

In 2020, Juba related to the family again. When he first appeared as a professional, he drew attention due to a specific story: he became the idol of Jose Guilherme – the son of the boss and mother of the athlete. Sylvania Batista has since worked as a housekeeper in an “Unexpected Fan” house.

– I’m very proud of him, especially the fight. Because no one comes from above. People should always come from below. fight for it. There was no stopping him – says Sylvania.

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Luciano Juba and José Guilherme, the story of the sports side influenced by a fan

Luciano Juba and José Guilherme, the story of the sports side influenced by a fan

Juba came to work as a dump truck with his grandfather, Jose de Santana. It was he who nurtured the family’s passion for sports and inspired (and helped) the left-back early in his career. He gave the money for his grandson’s work, even the youngest, to pay for training tickets at the small school.

In sports, the silversmith hit base in 2018, debuting as a professional after two seasons. Now, he’s conquered space as a start – a representation at the ends of the field – and has three goals and three assists. All this year alone.

“You might think it was worth it. I was able to buy my house. I was able to buy my car. And help my family get better.”

– Juba ends.

In 2020: Sylvania, mother of Luciano Juba, left-back for the sport – Photo: Giving birth to Globo TV

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