Firefighter who set himself on fire while rescuing victims of Mavsa resort fire receives tribute after being released from hospital: Father says ‘sexy’ | Itapetininga and the region

In addition to the firefighter, 19 more people were rescued after the accident at the luxury resort on February 21, and the musician who was performing in the space could not resist his injuries.

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Gabriel’s father, Edvaldo Martini Ramos, told g1 that the tribute was made on Wednesday (13), six days after his son was discharged from hospital. The 22-year-old was hospitalized for 45 days, 30 of which were in the intensive care unit and 15 in the burn ward of the Conjunto Hospitalar de Sorocaba (CHS).

A firefighter who went to the intensive care unit after a fire at the Mavsa resort set himself on fire while trying to save the victims – Photo: Personal Archive

This Saturday (16), Edivaldo posted the video of the greeting on social media.

“Firefighters and lifeguards friends of Gabriel Ramos’ work pay tribute to him. We thank the heroes … exciting. It gets better every day, thank God,” he said.

The family reported that the civilian firefighter suffered second-degree burns on his body and in his airway. He had to undergo a tracheostomy, grafts and other surgeries.

According to his father, Gabriel will still need physical therapy, given the time he was in a coma, speech therapy, and psychological follow-up. Despite this, he said his son “continues to recover with great courage” and was happy to be honored by his colleagues.

“He liked it so much,” Edvaldo says. “It lifted his spirits. He is passionate about his work and the feeling of being close to the activities.”

Gabriel Lopez and his father Edvaldo, who spoke about the fire at the Mavsa Resort, in Cesario Langhe – Photo: Personal Archive

For his father, Gabriel was a “hero” because, in addition to “fighting bravely for his life,” he suffered burns while trying to save the victims of the fire. According to Edvaldo, the honors from his colleagues were “a consideration of the profession for those who have fulfilled the role of saving lives”.

“He was burned by his actions, and his attitude of getting everyone out of the place. As far as we could gather information, he stayed close to the fire, in the middle of the fire, to save everyone, one by one. One,” Edivaldo accounted.

Before Gabriel, the last person injured in the fire that was launched was a guitarist who was performing at the resort. Adriano Franklin, 49, spent 31 days in a private hospital in the city of Sao Paulo.

In addition to Gabriel and Adriano, another 18 people were rescued after the fire. A firefighter and a resort employee also spent several days in hospital and were discharged last month.

The musician who sang at the Mavsa resort had 60% of his body burned during a fire in Cesario Lange – Photo: Instagram / Reproduction

Keyboardist Anthony Roberto Camargo, 43, who was also performing on the day of the fire, could not resist his injuries and died 11 days later in hospital on March 4.

In a statement, Mafsa Resort expressed its sorrow for the keyboard player’s death and said it had provided all necessary support to the family.

Use of fireworks

Since the day of the accident at the Mavsa resort, the delegate in charge of the case, Sylvain Rinosto, has heard numerous witnesses to discover the causes of the fire and to hold those involved accountable.

A forensic report conducted at the resort confirmed the use of fireworks during the show and that the fire was the result of human action.

Video presentations appear before the shooting at the Mavsa Resort in Cesario Lange – Photo: Personal Archive

The TV hasFirefighter Gabriel’s father said he learned from a manager at the Mavsa resort that the fire was caused by a malfunction in a “sparks” machine. His son was in charge of operating the pyrotechnic equipment.

“One of these launchers was fired high and hit the ceiling, the fire spread and the roof of the platform collapsed. […] Gabriel had already operated this equipment and confirmed that he was not directly responsible for what happened. He is simply mandated, by his leadership, to do this work.”

On March 7, three musicians who were performing on the day of the fire testified at the police station and one of them confirmed to the police that fireworks hit the ceiling of the concert hall before the fire.

A video circulated on social media shows part of the show moments before the fire. (see below). About 40 people were in the hall at the time of the accident.

Video shows the party moments before a fire that injured 20 people at the Mavsa resort

In order to hear more witnesses, the delegate extended the deadline for the completion of the investigation investigating the causes of the fire.

The Public Prosecution also opened a civil investigation into the case.

Fire at a luxury resort in Cesario Langhe – Photo: personal archive

The stateroom was destroyed after a resort fire in Cesario Langhe – Photo: Fire Department/Disclosure

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