Company that sells road tickets opens tech jobs

ClickBus Online Road Ticket Sales Platform Opened in Brazil, Over 80 Careers For remote work, it is part of the priority work policy. Opportunities are directed, above all, to the technology sector, and given the job vacancy model, professionals from all over the country can apply.

ClickBus opens more than 80 technology jobs. (Photo: Freepik)

ClickBus has been part of the bus ticket sales e-commerce for over eight years. The company prides itself on being able to strengthen itself in the Brazilian tourism sector, even during the critical period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that has changed the way of doing business in the past two years. Nevertheless, ClickBus has been able to show positive results.

According to the company’s CEO, Philip Klein, ClickBus has seen a growth in its business model during the pandemic. During this period, the company’s capital increased from 12% to 20% in terms of total sector sales – ticket issuance peaked at 40%.

“That’s why, when thinking about getting more out of the company, we are expanding the technology team and investing in new tools that represent market trends, focusing on customer experience and in product and development,” I thought of the CEO of ClickBus.

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List of vacancies

It is important to clarify that a file Careers Contracts are signed through the Standardization of Labor Laws (CLT) system, which offers benefits such as meal/food vouchers, Gympass, life insurance, and daycare assistance. Looking at the job opportunities available today, ClickBus is looking for talent at the most diverse level, so that they can work in the following areas:

  • end of introduction;
  • the background.
  • flutter;
  • Production Manager;
  • product owner;
  • Product Operations
  • product designer;
  • pricing strategy;
  • Data engineering.

The available job opportunities target different sectors such as BCM, Data & Insights, Development, Strategy, Finance, People & Management, Growth, and Product. See more!

billion cubic meters

  • Senior Communications Analyst;
  • liaison coordinator;
  • complete creative analyst (designer);

Data and insights

  • Individual Pricing Strategy Analyst
  • full person pricing strategy analyst;
  • Complete business analytics and personal insights;
  • Complete data engineer.
  • Junior Data Engineering Officer;
  • chief data engineer;

Develop job vacancies

  • Systems Development Coordinator.
  • DBA Database Administrator – Full;
  • Senior Backend Developer;
  • fully developed flutter person;
  • Senior flutter developer;
  • Full front end developer person;
  • Senior front end developer;
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE);
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) – Devops – Large;


  • strategy manager;


  • person financial modeling analyst;

people and management

  • Person specializing in personnel and management – remuneration;


  • Senior CMR Analyst;

Vacancies in the field of product

  • Person product analyst full operations;
  • Whole person product designer;
  • Senior product designer person;
  • full person product manager;
  • Whole person product owner;
  • Production Manager.

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