A mysterious secret: the poisoning of dogs in the neighborhood of São Judas worries the neighborhood

last week , sitter magazine He received via WhatsApp information about the death of two dogs by poisoning in Jardim São Judas Tadeu, more specifically between Rua Anisío Martins Ferreira and Rua Iguaporé.
The complaint was filed by resident Maria de Fatima Neves, 61, retired. According to her, one of them ate something with poison and the other licked the saliva. Both died within minutes.
a report sitter magazine The case followed the morning of Thursday, March 31. Rosini Gonzalez Ramirez, 53, is the owner of Beethoven, One of the Dead Dogs.
She said that she always let the animal go for a walk, but the last time she noticed something strange. “Beethoven came running desperately in my arms, as if asking for help. Shortly after his death, there was no time to do anything. His mouth was poisonous. He was very docile, and he did no harm. In addition to Beethoven, the other puppy had no owner, and he was He was known in the neighborhood and was always at the corner butcher’s shop,” he explained.
Plus, Donna Rosini says she now fears she’ll poison her three other dogs — Luna, Fred and Ronaldinho — and her daughter’s rabbit, Rivotril. We do not know who is behind this. “There is a lot of evil out there, and now we have to redouble our attention,” said one resident.

Maria de Fatima said her cat was abused two months ago. “The major came home with an iron skewer stuck in one of his paws. I had to take him to the vet. He pointed out that the man had done her the same.
Sandra Marcia Aragao, 49, from the neighbourhood, takes care of the stray dog ​​Thor. She treats the dog every day with food and water, and always provides shelter in her home. “After all that, we are now afraid that they will kill Thor. We need to find out who is doing this,” he said.
In addition to this case, residents reported that there was other information about the death of two other dogs by poisoning on the Rua José Neres dos Santos road parallel to the place where the events took place.

According to Rosini Ramirez, the case was brought to the police, but they could not do anything. “They said I would have to take the dead animal there,” he said.
According to the report, the Central de Polícia Judiciária de Jales explained that, in this case, a veterinary report confirming the death of the animal by poisoning should have been prepared, in order to open a report of abuse and start an investigation. Security cameras can also help identify potential culprits.

Rose Chavez, protector of the Amigo dos Animals Group, informed The sitter magazine That on the same day cats were poisoned in Jardim El Dorado. “15 days ago, in Jardim Novo Mundo, they again killed a cat with five kittens. A week ago, in Jardim São Jorge, the cats were poisoned. We want a response from the police to investigate these cases of abuse, even because they throw meat or stuffed sausages With poison in the backyard, putting children in danger in their mouths and causing death. We went several times to the police station, but we could do nothing,” he said.
However, according to her, the protectors are doing guiding work so that residents do not leave their free-roaming animals on the street.

sell poison
On Monday, March 28, Councilman Carol Amador (MDB) submitted Official Letter 35/2022 asking Mayor Luis Henrique Moreira (PSDB) to adopt measures that would prevent or make it difficult to purchase poisons used to kill pets.
“It is certain that the ease of access to these toxins, which are being detected even on supermarket kiosks, has motivated these actions,” the council member says in the text of the letter.

The dogs killed by poisoning were collected by the residents
Rosini Gonzalez Ramirez: “Sometimes I would release Rivotril (the rabbit) and he would go to the front door. But now I’m afraid he will be poisoned too.”
Maria de Fátima Neves: “One day the major (the cat) came home with an iron skewer stuck in one of his paws.
It’s a lot of human evil.”
Sandra Marchia Aragao: “We are an adoptive family
Thor (dog), but as it is also in the street, we have
Fear of falling victim to abuse

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