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Enjoy it going fast! How many times have you heard this phrase? This is the main advice for grandparents, uncles, friends … who have older children. The advice is so daily it seems hard to believe that it passes so quickly, when you’re immersed in a hectic and intense routine with the kids.

Details of children’s growth appear every day. The first smile, the first jokes, the crawl … And suddenly we are used to a lot of conquests.

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I swear you’ll remember everything, but the truth is, you won’t. “We have two types of memory. Short-term memory is a working memory, which stores information we just received, like the kind your child just made. But it only lasts 20-30 seconds and has a limited capacity. Long-term it takes information, processes it, and combines it with others of the same category. In the process, a lot of details are lost, so that the brain can store key information,” says neurologist Lucien Baratelli, author of the page Neuro Sem Neura (on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) and the book before you grow up (Book publisher). That is why mom or dad will hardly forget what their inquisitive child was, but at the same time, they will not accurately remember most of the questions he asked.

Years from now, remembering the way your child says “butterfly” will warm your heart. “Positive experiences characterize our memory and are able to evoke good reactions and feelings when we come into contact with certain elements, such as smell and image … says pediatrician Ana Marcia Guimarães Alves, member of the Scientific Department of Pediatrics, Development and Behavior of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.

Since trusting memory is not on the list of solutions, here are simple and practical ways to immortalize your child’s best moments:

1. Write an email
Create a draft with the subject “Memories of my child (children)” and enter any ideas. Add content regularly and don’t worry about the best story or perfect score. You can correct it later, but the only reader will be you. Another option is to create a new email account for your child and send cute pictures or stories right there.

2. Prepare the memory box
Reserve a box (which could be a shoe) for each child and put their name on the lid. Store photos, schoolwork, tickets, birthday cards, drawings, and anything else that looks special there. From time to time, open it to remember, organize and even remove something unimportant.

3. Keep a diary
calm! We don’t want to add another task to your routine. The idea is to buy a new diary with pencils and pens nearby. This way, when your child does something that you think is important to record, you can write it down quickly, without leaving it for later. Or you can take those seconds when the kids are busy with something and record.

4. Use of social networks
You don’t have to reveal your baby’s picture to everyone if you don’t want to. There is an option to create a private Instagram account, for example. When posting photos, pay attention to the comments details so that you act as an account for that moment. In the future, it may obtain your login and password to access the content.

5. Build a time capsule
More than just a souvenir, it is also a gift for your future child. Choose things that represent the moment of your birth, for example. It can be a special note, a costume, a teddy bear, a maternity bracelet. If your family has a tradition, it is worth including something about it. If possible, also choose items that represent that time. From 2020, for example, masks and alcohol gels will be mandatory items. It is important that the material is weatherproof. No food, perishable or fragile. The capsule should be kept in a safe place and opened by your child when you decide to do so.

6. Record display
Use your phone’s voice recorder to capture your child’s voice every now and then. charity! When he turns 14, you’ll love to hear him impersonate a superhero or sing let her go They shout and sing at the same time.

7. Create a playlist
Music has this power to take us back to the moments we lived when we were playing. Make a list of songs that are part of your childhood and family routine. The song you sang while you rocked the baby in your lap, the song he liked to dance to, the one you taught him to sing all the words to…

8. Organize files
If your phone gallery is full of videos and short images, the best way is to use editing apps to group your favorite snippets into one file. You can make use of photos in editing, or just make a video with them, or a good old photo album, which always provides moments of nostalgia with every page.

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