Today it would be impossible to reproduce a TV series that premiered 37 years ago

Written by Ivani Ribeiro, ate the cat It adores a crowd of fans, driven by emotional memory, especially those who were children when it first came out — it premiered exactly 37 years ago, on April 15, 1985.

The plot has a strong appeal to children and teenagers, both for the plot – with good fun, without much commitment to believability – and for the child cast.

ate the cat

production was already remake 1985: Based on bluebirdToby’s plot 1974-1975, starring Eva Wilma and Carlos Zarra. Globo Edition Shine By Christian Torloni and Nuno Layal Mayasuch as Jô Penteado and Professor Fábio, roles that have marked their careers.

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If ate the cat produced today? One remake From this novel is impossible today. It would take so many changes to the script that purists would complain about misinterpretation of the plot.

The retention of the original script faces a series of questions from our modern society, many that make production practically impossible.


Each audiovisual work must be analyzed within the historical context in which it was created. It is wrong to criticize a production from the past with today’s eyes, based on current standards of society, for what it considers right and wrong through common sense.

for her time (1985), ate the cat It fits perfectly with the thinking of her era. If not, it would not have been considered a modest series, with an appeal for children, shown at six in the evening.

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Between slaps and kisses

However, how do we justify today the slaps that Professor Fabio retaliated in Joe Lamjarred”hit, takeWith the aggravating factor that Fábio’s profile is a portrait of a man, a father, and a teacher of children. In one of these situations, he was slapped in front of his students. In another he justified himself:Because it scares me!Worst of all: the plot suggests that Joe falls in love with Fabio because she was slapped.

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Only in the end the author explains Joe’s passion for her tormentor: Fabio, by her fervent disapproval of Joe, awakens in her her feelings for her father: her father’s absence after his second marriage. She could not fall in love with good men, like her father, the permissive who is translated as absent.

The first man who constrained her (through violence) made her fall in love, by referring her to the less lenient but more present father of her childhood.

If this situation really had any basis for which psychology would defend, it would have to be discussed today in the nine in the morning soap opera, and not in the children’s plot.

The alternate problem solvers will demand more reasonable explanations at the first slap, at the beginning of the story. Imagine the cancellation and how much texture Teasing novel!

Sexism and rape

It’s funny how the author addresses masculinity, through another character: Edson (Jose Mayer).

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However, in this case, the discussion is limited to the macho character, who was already outdated in the 1970s (when it was broadcast bluebird). Edson does not accept that women work outside the home because he believes that the man should be the breadwinner of the home. Just.

Another contrast with our times that can give rise to a lot of controversy: Tony’s method (Roberto Perel(defeats Paula)Fatima Freire) whom she married without loving him.

He encases her in this way and with such mastery that he ends up taking her to the altar – against her will. This insistence is repeated on the wedding night. Romanticizing harassment and rape?

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After all, there was a will for only one part, man. Over time, through a lot of deception, Tony finally managed to win Paula.

This is a discussion raised in the eyes of today. Re-registration ipsis litteris at ate the cat It would be useless in these times to be aware of the position and rights of women and to combat machismo, misogyny and domestic violence. I am better ate the cat As an original work, which remains a classic of our television, the result of its era.

here It’s all about ate the cat: Plot, characters, full cast, soundtrack and many more behind the scenes interesting things.

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