Retro wins the sport and achieves 100% success in the Pernambuco tournament

In the second round of the Pernambuco Championship, at Arena Pernambuco, in São Lourenço da Mata, Retro beat Sport 2-1. Phoenix opened the scoring in the first half with Renato Henrique with a beautiful shot from the middle. Renato lit up at night and managed to score the second goal at the start of the stage. At the end of the match, Raphael Thierry reduced the score, but it was too late. Retro win!

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In the next round, he faces Sport Vera Cruz, at Ilha do Retiro, in Recife, on February 5th. They will face Retrô Náutico, at Aflitos Stadium, in Recife, on February 8.

the game
Retrograde stress at the start, but math answers

Retro started the match very boldly. He went into sports and created two good chances to score after just 7 minutes of dribbling the ball. But crossbar and defender Raphael Thierry Liu prevented Phoenix from opening the scoring.

But the sport did not leave her cheap and she also responded with two maids. But Italo and Luciano Juba were unable to score. When Vanegas managed to hit the goal, goalkeeper Jean, of Retrô, blocked the ball from entering, making the defense.

RETRO opens the registration panel
Sports reactions did not frighten Retro, who went in search of the goal. In the 22nd minute, Renato Henrique controlled the middle and dropped a bomb. The ball entered goalkeeper Melson’s corner. Great goal. Retro 1, Sport 0.

RETRO controls the game
Best in the game, Fênix managed to make good use of the goal and didn’t present great chances for Leão to tie the score in the first half. Sport coach Gustavo Florentine even changed the team, but he did not get the desired result.

I tried sports, but it was the retro who scored

Leo is back in the supplementary phase and is ready to find the equalizer anyway. But Retrô defended himself well and was able to take advantage of the opportunity that arose to increase the score.

In the 9th minute, Diner, from Sport, faltered, and missed the pass. The ball remained with Renato Henrique, who, even with the pressure, had the calm needed to finish Melson’s exit: 2 to 0 for Retrô.

Sports go up, but have trouble creating weight
The lion went all out to attack to lower the mark. Jean even made a good save in Luciano Juba and Cristiano surrendered, but Sport’s difficulty creating dangerous plays cemented Retro’s quiet victory.

Through the steps, the sport reduced the damage
As mentioned earlier, the sport had a hard time creating opportunities that would jeopardize Retrô’s goal. However, Liao managed to swing Phoenix’s goal, Raphael Thierry’s goal, in a great opportunistic attempt: 1 to 2, in the 42nd minute.

The sport tried to suffer in the end, but the retro got the victory
Liao came out in stoppage time behind the equalizer. But Fênix was very brave to withstand the sport’s latest pressure and ensure victory and stay at the top of the Pernambuco Championship schedule.

RETRÔ x SPORT – Pernambucano Championship
: Arena Pernambuco, in São Lourenço da Mata (PE)
date/time: February 2, 2021 at 8:30 pm (Brasilia time)
to ruleRodrigo Jose Pereira de Lima
helpers: Bruno Cesar Chaves Vieira and Jose Romao da Silva Neto
yellow cards: Jiva, Joao, Guilherme, Pedro Costa (Rhett); Luciano Joba (SPO)
red cards:
Objectives: Renato Henrique (22 minutes / first and 9 / second) (2-0), Rafael Thierry (42 / second) (2-1).

Retro (Coach: Deku Woolley)
Jan. Augusto Potiguar (Pedro Costa, at 14min/2ºT), Renan, Guilherme Paraíba, and Mayk; Charles, Lucas Silva, Radsley (Gilson, at 14min/2ºT) and Renato Henrique (Rodrigo Fomaca, at 23min/2ºT); Gustavo Ermel (Joao Gillherme, in the first half) and Jiva (Cawe, 31 d/2).

Sport (Coach: Gustavo Florentin)
Melson. Ewerthon, Thyere, Chico, and Luciano Juba; Vítor Gabriel (Alan, at 33min/1ºT), Watson (Pedro Victor, at 33min/1ºT), Italo (Fábio Alemão, at 27min/2ºT) and Denner (Cristiano, at 11ft/2ºT); Ray Vanegas and Jaderson (Adryan, at 27 min/2ºT).

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