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It was on July 17, 2021 when Hernance signed the termination of his contract with São Paulo. I was not happy and wanted to write a new football story. It didn’t take long to choose. Two weeks later, he signed with Sport to play in the city where he was born for the first time as a professional.

The corridor lasted five years and ended in December of last year. But the move marks the midfielder’s last – so far – career in football.

I thought more to myself.

– Hernance explains, about the decision to change clubs, in an interview with a legal podcast!

I was in Sao Paulo in very bad shape, and I was not happy. I think every player would be happy if they were able to contribute, which I didn’t do. I got a very high salary, so I knew there might be no benefit. I talked to finish because it was good for both of them. I am very instinctive. I just wanted to solve it.

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Hernanes, during Fluminense x Sport, in Maracanã – Photo: Jorge Rodrigues / AGIF

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The Pernambuco native has been living in Sao Paulo since 2019 – on his third spell with Morumbi – and as an idol, with the club with two Brazilian titles. Despite this, he played little and was out of spaces in the team. can not contribute.

– You feel unbalanced, because of receiving a lot and not being able to donate – says the midfielder.

Hernan is grateful to research the sport, but says he will consider renewing

Hernans wanted to feel the adrenaline again. After terminating the contract with Tricolor Paulista, he was asked: “Where would I like to live?” Little Land – as the people of Pernambuco call it – came to his mind. He agreed with Sport on August 3 last year to challenge himself again.

I played a bit and said: I still need to know what level of football I have. What can I do. It was a test for me too.

Sock says.

Hernans could make his debut with the sport against Flamengo

Hernans could make his debut with the sport against Flamengo

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At Ilha do Retiro, he arrived as the club’s main signing this season and found new challenges – not directly related to his performance.

The club was in a very confused state. – He explains.

The sport ended up in the second division at the end of the season, but before that it underwent changes in the presidency and still had to manage another scoring error set for the Brazilian – losing four reinforcements without the possibility of a substitution.

– It’s a reflection of what the club was like. Change the president, take office and leave. It was very messy, with a very disorganized context. But, anyway… I was there for the personal challenge, playing in the countryside and defending a team from Recife. I was excited to take on this challenge – he says.

The Sports Council leaves the club after errors in the registration of players

The Sports Council leaves the club after errors in the registration of players

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Hernanes left Sport with 17 matches played and did not score any goals, but as a key player in the team’s creation sector. In the end, he ended up achieving the goal of playing in Recife and continuing his positive relationship with coach Gustavo Florentin – who was fired earlier this month.

The Paraguayan was at the club during Hernanes’ passing and put the midfielder among the top coaches of his career alongside Maurice Ramalho and Fernando Dinez.

– In sports we landed but Florentine was the coach he most sympathized with. He knew how to charge, but at the same time he spoke, he opened up. He managed to strike a really nice balance. Tactically, I also did something interesting.

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Hernance explains coldly in his head:

Hernance explains coldly in his head: “I was a sheep, but now a lion. And I will growl”

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