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The Brazilian trend of high technician turnover continues to rise. Of the 40 clubs in the First Division, almost half underwent leadership changes at the start of the year. There were eighteen people with one detail: two more who started 2022 with responsible assistants, but hired a “stand” for the position at the start of the season. There are many “Professor” who will start the Brazilian tightrope.

  • Series A: Round 1 begins this Saturday; see table
  • Series B: Round 1 begins on Friday; see table

In the first division, there were seven changes, With one caveat regarding two clubs. Cuiaba and Goias started the season led by the assistants who finished the 2021 season, respectively, Eduardo Oliveira and Glober Ramos. The two returned to the role of assistants after being appointed fee (cuiaba) and Bruno Befitti (Goias). Incidentally, the latter was expelled amid the controversy over the finals of the Guiano Championship – Ramos reinstated the team’s leadership.

  • Athletics: hired Umberto Loser After the resignation of Marcelo Capo.
  • Hawaii: Claudine Oliveira was fired and hired Eduardo Baroca.
  • Botafogo: Anderson Moreira was fired and hired the Portuguese Luis Castro.
  • CEARÁ: Launch Thiago Nunes and rent Dorival Junior.
  • Corinth: Sylvinho sacked and rented the Portuguese Victor Pereira.
  • Youth: Launch Gayer Ventura and Hire Eduardo Baptista.
  • the Saint: Fabio Carrell sacked and hired the Argentine Fabian Bustos.

The amount of changes is greater in the second division, so far. Of the 20 clubs to start competing in the competition next Friday, 11 have changed team leadership. Among them, some natural candidates for access. The cases of Grêmio, Chapecoense, Sport and Náutico.

Coach changes in the second division

  • CRB: Fire Alan and rent Marcelo Capo.
  • alternative: hired Gilson Klein To replace Felipe Conceicao, who had left the club to take charge of Náutico.
  • Association: Wagner Mancini fired and hired Roger Machado.
  • London: Vinícius Eutrópio sacked and rented Adelson Batista.
  • Nautical: Helio dos Anjos expelled and rented Felipe Conceicao.
  • Novorizonti: Leo Conde fired and hired Alan Al.
  • Public Relations Agent: hired Claudine Oliveira After the departure of Ricardo Catala (joint agreement).
  • black bridge: Gilson Kleina sacked and rented Helio dos Anjos.
  • Sampaio Korea: Joao Brigatti was expelled and rented Leo Conde.
  • sports: Gustavo Florentine was fired and hired Gilmar Dal Pozo.
  • tomorrow: Rafael Juanes fired and rented Maria Hammerson.

Gilmar del Pozo was one of the last coaches to take charge of the Brazilian Championship team – Photo: Anderson Stephens / Sport Club do Recife

Contrary to the tradition of constant leadership changes, some clubs keep the same coach for more than a year. All examples are in the Italian League. The longest-lived Mauricio Barbieri, what or what He took charge of Bragantino in early September 2020, During the Brazilian, to replace Felipe Conceicao.

Mauricio Barbieri is the longest-serving coach at the same club in the First and Second Division – Photo: Ari Ferreira / Red Bull Bragantino

In terms of longevity, the one who loses hardest to a barberry is the Portuguese Abel Ferrara. The coach took charge of Palmeiras at the end of October 2020, in the place left by Vanderlei Luxembourgo, and won the titles: the Copa Libertadores (2020 and 2021), the Copa del Rey (2020), and the Copa América Recopa (2022). , most recently, Campeonato Paulista (2022).

Abel Ferreira of Palmeiras vs Sao Paulo – Photo: Ettore Chiriguini/AGIF

Serie A teams that did not change their coach in the year

  • America- MG: Marquinhos Santos
  • ATHLETICO-PR: Alberto Valentine
  • ATLETIC-MG: Antonio Mohamed (Argentine)
  • Bragantino: Mauricio Barbieri
  • Curitiba: Gustavo Morenigo (Paraguay)
  • flamingo: Paulo Sousa (Portuguese)
  • Fluminence: Abel Braga
  • Energy: Juan Pablo Voevoda (Argentina)
  • international: Alexandre Medina (Uruguay)
  • Palm trees: Abel Ferreira (Portuguese)
  • São Paulo: Rogerio Ceni.

Who also completed a year in the same house is Paraguay Gustavo Morenigo. He was hired by Coritiba in early 2021, and he led the team to reach Serie A. Juan Pablo Vojvodawhich arrived in Leão do Pici in early May 2021.

Juan Pablo Voevoda, coach of Fortaleza – Photo: Leonardo Moreira / FEC

In the second division, the person in charge of the same team for the longest period is Daniel Paulista. The coach was appointed by Guarani in May 2021, shortly before the start of the Second Division, to replace Alan Al. He played the entire tournament – Bugre finished sixth – and this year Paulistau knocked out the quarter-finals on penalties in favor of Corinthians.

Daniel Paulista – Photo: Thomaz Marostegan / Guarani FC

League Two teams that did not change their coach in the year

  • Bahia: Gotto Ferreira
  • Prosk: And Aguinho Dias
  • CSA: Mozart Santos
  • chrysium: Claudio Tankati
  • Sea trip: Paulo Pezulano (Uruguay)
  • Guarani: Daniel Paulista
  • ITUANO: Junior Mazola
  • Vasco: Ricardo’s outfit
  • new village: Hugo Magalhaes

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