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Published on 04/10/2022 08:00

Dillian DePaula, Mel’s teacher, baptized the dog with this name because she thought it would suit her furry friend – (credit: personal archive)

For many teachers, the relationship with pets is deep, with a lot of love and care. Therefore, deciding on a name can be just as difficult as choosing a baby’s name. However, as PetCenso 2021 notes, neither Enzo nor Valentina—the heroes among humans—are the most common names for pets. The study, conducted annually and conducted since 2016 by DogHero, the largest company in the pet services sector in Latin America, revealed the ranking of dogs and cats.

On the dog podium are Thor, Mel, Luke, Luna, Bob and Nina, respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd for men and women. It was the first in the spotlight since the first survey, with it in the rankings annually.

 2022. Credit: Personal Archive.  magazine.  the animals.  Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daya.
2022. Credit: Personal Archive. magazine. the animals. Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daya.
(Photo: personal archive)

Dilian de Paula, guardian of a 6-year-old dog, knows the name is popular, but says it suits her furry friend. “My husband, then my friend, decided on the name when we adopted it. He thought it would fit her face.” And even over time, the spouses do not regret the choice. In fact, today it has another meaning: “It softens our life,” melts.

In the list of cats, the national highlights are Simba, Luna, Tom, Nina, Chico, and Mia, podiums in descending order. The first places of male names are associated with cartoons, where children’s and childhood nostalgia can be an influential factor when making a name decision. The name Luna has become popular in recent years too, even with children. One of the reasons may be related to the meaning of the word, which, in addition to the moon, can refer to “enlightened” and “feminine”. Another reason is programs such as Sou Luna, the Argentine Telenovela on the Disney Channel, and the popular children’s cartoon show Da Luna, which was created and produced in the country.

Felipe Daya, 21, adopted his first pet in 2017, and named him the cat Luna. He says that the selection was made from the fur of cats, which is white with gray and black spots. “She reminded me of the moon and its craters, so I chose the name of the Roman goddess of the moon,” the student recalls. At the time, he didn’t know other animals with the same name, but said he’s noticed the increase over the years. Today, Felipe meets two dogs of different friends with the same name, and coincidentally, his girlfriend is a cat teacher also named Luna.

Death, national pride

 2022. Credit: Personal Archive.  magazine.  the animals.  Kat Tom, by teacher Sarah Dam.
2022. Credit: Personal Archive. magazine. the animals. Kat Tom, by teacher Sarah Dam.
(Photo: personal archive)

In addition to the nominal list, PetCenso has other data, those of the breeds considered by teachers. The leader in dogs and cats is SRD (Strain Unspecified), famous mutations. The survey indicates that 98% of teachers have mixed-breed animals at home. According to veterinarian Lorena Bastos, people’s choice of animals without a pedigree is due to a growing awareness of the problems many breeds have and a growing concern for animal welfare, which encourages adoption. “Every day more, owning an SRD animal becomes more socially acceptable than buying a purebred animal,” the professional believes.

This movement is positive to reduce the number of animals on the streets. Although there is no official data on the number of abandoned animals, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in Brazil there are more than 30 million animals in this state. They face a series of dangers, such as being run over and violence. In addition, they pose a public health hazard because they can transmit zoonotic diseases.

Another point that has raised awareness in recent years is the perception, due to the actions of many activists, that there are many kennels and breeding sites with violent practices, which do not care about the welfare of females.

Having an adopted animal can be a source of happiness for the whole family. It’s the effect it had on Sarah Dam, 23, and her family. After a neighbor rescues a litter of puppies from a manhole in their building and declares they need a home, they decide to keep Tom, a black cat with a white spot on his chest that vaguely resembles the character of the cartoon series. Tom & Jerry. In addition to the name, which has sentimental value, it is short. This type of name is ideal, says veterinarian Lorena: “Names with one or two syllables are ideal for animals to learn more quickly to identify.”

If the teacher chooses a big name and calls it a pseudonym, no problem, as long as they are used at different times. “For example, using the nickname when the teacher is happy with the animal’s situation and the full name when he is angry, so the animal knows how to differentiate the two and doesn’t get confused,” the vet points out. The caveat to Lorena is that it may not be interesting to put someone’s name on it frequently in the home environment, such as a family member, friend, or cartoon character, as it can confuse animals.

top 5

Check out the most handpicked names for dogs, females, cats and females in Brazil and the Midwest region

dogs | Brazil

First bull / honey

2 Luke / Luna

3rd Bob / Nina

4 Theo / Amora

V Fred / Meg

cats | Brazil

1 Simba / Luna

Tom II / Nina

Third Boy / Mia

Fourth unique / honey

V Theo/Mon

dogs | Midwest

1 luke/mile

2 Thor / Nina

3rd Bob / Luna

4 Theo / Amora

V Fred / Meg

cats | Midwest

First Tom / Nina

2 Unique / Luna

Romeo III / Miya

4 porridge / blackberry

Fifth Fragola / Lola

* Trainee under the supervision of Sybil Negromonte

  •     Tom the Cat got its name from owner Sarah Dam for being short and easy to pronounce.

    Tom the Cat got its name from owner Sarah Dam for being short and easy to pronounce.
    Photo: personal archive

  • Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daya.

    Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daya.
    Photo: personal archive

  • Kat Tom, by teacher Sarah Dam.

    Kat Tom, from teacher Sarah Dam.
    Photo: personal archive

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