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From 9 to 12 years old, Regina Herculano Pinto sold crepe paper flowers at the door of a cemetery in Campina Grande (PB). After that, she worked as a clothes seller and worked in a shoe store. She saved up R$2,000 to buy a peddler’s tent, but her father stopped it. Today, she’s the CEO of Adoleta Divisão Pet, a pet toy and health mat company. I won a million Brazilian reals last year.

Regina says she has always enjoyed this streak of entrepreneurship. At the age of seven, in 1990, she was selling stationery at school. At nine, she took materials from her mother (Lucia), who was a teacher, and made crape-flowers to offer at the entrance to the cemetery, which is 500 meters from her home. He did this until the age of 12, but only on commemorative dates (All Souls’ Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas). I earned 20 BRL a day.

“I don’t know if people bought crape myrtle because they thought they were beautiful or because I was a child,” said Regina, 38.

dream of being a camel

At the age of 13, she “opened” a clothing store in her bedroom. With the help of her parents, she bought the pieces from a family friend and sold them to the neighborhood, teachers, and school friends. “Between classes, people always found me in the teachers’ lounge, selling clothes,” he said.

Regina opened her bank account at the age of 14. At the age of 16, he began working during school holidays in a shoe store to “earn a salary”. He raised R$2,000 to finally fulfill a dream: working as a street vendor.

My dream was to become a peddler. When I saved up money and was going to buy a street vendor, my dad wouldn’t let me. She said I should study. I cried alot.
Regina Herculano Pinto, CEO of Adoleta Divisão Pet

According to her, her father, Manuel, who was a salesman, always prioritized the education of his three daughters. Two graduated in nursing, and Regina went to study animal husbandry.

“I came to study, because I didn’t want to become an animal husbandry specialist. Over time, I met animal husbandry technicians working in sales. It encouraged me,” he said.

Pet Products Seller

Before finishing the course, she was already working as a clerk at an agricultural distributor in the city; Then I became an outside saleswoman – traveling through the countryside of Paraíba selling a range of products (feed, medicine, etc.) for large animals (eg cattle, horses).

He then moved to a larger distributor, where he began working with the pet line. It was there that he had the idea to have his own distributor. In 2014, Regina opened Garra Animal, a distributor of pet products in the state of Paraíba, with an investment of R$30,000.

Create a brand Adoleta

In 2019, the brand launched Adoleta Divisão Pet for dogs and cats toys. Today, there are more than 120 products in the portfolio, including a range of aromatherapy toys (which exudes essences with a calming effect) for dogs, and health mats.

Toys and toilet mats are made in China. Adoleta does not have his own store or e-commerce. Products can be found at distributor partners and sales representatives. Can be contacted via WhatsApp: (83) 98825-0729.

The initial investment in Adoleta was R$400,000. In 2021, the company earned R$1 million (an increase of nearly 150% over the previous year). Profit is not disclosed.

Regina says her goal within five years is to set up a hygienic carpet factory in Campina Grande.

The consultant says the company has an ‘innovative footprint’

Jane Albinati, a veterinarian and business consultant at Sebrae-SP, has been highlighting Regina’s pioneering streak since childhood. “She has initiative, perseverance, has experience in sales, invests in research and knowledge,” he said.

According to her, the Adoleta Fun Pet has “the imprint of innovation,” with its aromatherapy line. “She sees opportunities and has gone looking for a place in pet games. After all, the entrepreneur sees opportunities where others don’t.”

The consultant says, however, that although it is thriving, the pet sector is very competitive. “It is always necessary to strive for differentiation. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on competitors and everything that brings innovation to products,” he explained. Another tip, according to Jane, is to work on strengthening the brand and its position in the market.

Where to find:

Adoleta – https://www.adoletadiversaopet.com.br/

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