When, Where and Everything Related to the 1000 Possible Meteor Signal

Astronomers see the possibility of new meteor showers on May 30 and 31. Lots of information about the new meteor shower, Tau Herkuld, is circulating online, sparking the curiosity of sky-watchers. Meteor showers are expected to light up the sky over Memorial Day weekend, depending on the meteor’s speed and distance. According to NASA, Earth … Read more

The father who searched for his daughter for two years since her mother disappeared with her child “I feel good” Ribeirao Preto, France

Since 2020, when Justice granted him the right to protect his daughter, she has not been seen since her mother, Rubia Scrucaro Coelho, went missing with her. “I feel accomplished. It was a big struggle, I faced many difficulties and many said to me: ‘Put it aside, when your daughter grows up you will want … Read more

Vitor Pereira completed three months of Corinthians’ stay in Brazilian football

This Saturday (28), coach Vitor Pereira officially completed three months of Corinthians. Announced on February 23, the Portuguese led his first practice session at CT Joaquim Grava on February 28. Vitor Pereira has coached Corinthians 61 times in his 90 days at the club (Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians) Photo: launch! Ninety days later, 61 training … Read more

Majer’s son dreams of being a better player than his father in the sand

The The task is very difficult, but Bernardo Saraiva, the son of former world player of the year Mager, does not hide that he dreams of being a better beach soccer player than his father two decades ago. “I am aware of the reference he was and still plays in the sport, and all that … Read more

Brazilian designer recreates a 3D primitive dog’s face

designer Cicero Moraeswho lives in Sinop (MT), has pioneered the use of 3D technology to reconstruct the face of a primitive pet, dog wave, which lived about 7,600 years ago, was discovered in Portugal. This is the first time that technology has been used to reconstruct the head of this animal. The facial reconstruction project, … Read more

Life in the Donbass between bombs, deprivation and flight – 05/28/2022

Life in the Donbass, between bombs, deprivation, and escape – half destroyed by Russian bombs, Issychansk in eastern Ukraine still resists occupation. Without water, electricity or telephones, about 20% of the former population is housed in underground shelters. A report from DW. Anyone going to Lysychansk must drive at full speed. Almost no one will … Read more

Xiaomi uses voice technology to help people with speech disorders

The xiaomi Unveils its latest application of advanced algorithms and self-developed voice technology in the field of accessibility. technology text to speech Spontaneous style, developed by Xiaomi AI Labto generate a unique and customized sound for a user with a speech disability. The user can now communicate with others using their ‘voice’, instead of the … Read more